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  1. I suspect that for all the raves about how great they were for the time, people underestimate how great these still are when kept in good condition. If you like a warm and solid sound, the 3020/7020 series is still the goods. External appearance suggests this one has been living a good life. Plug in a cheap Chromecast Audio off eBay, plus an affordable DAC, and it's the equal of plenty of modern equipment.
  2. Also interested if your other buyer falls through. Message me if available. Cheers.
  3. Apologies - I was referring to the screenshot of the Appliances Online offer of a "single" SPFS52 for $257. Original comment now edited for clarity.
  4. The Appliances Online ad refers to a "single" SPFS52 - first reaction is that a pair would be $514. But feel free to explain why I'm wrong (I'm good at being wrong, 'cos I've had lots of practice).
  5. Hello right back. Enjoy the forums.
  6. Quite possibly. They were made by KEF for NAD in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I have the almost identical-looking 8020e, also made by KEF but front-ported. Mine still sound great, with a classic NAD richness to them. Ideal for a small room.
  7. I can recommend calling Open Ear Audio in Fairfield. They work on a bunch of different brands and are honest and knowledgeable.
  8. +1 for the RELs, with only an old Sansui sub for comparison. You can dial it down for music and up for movies. REL actually recommends you wire it up to your normal speaker connections using the Neutrik Speakon cable, so make sure that's included (or budget $80 to buy one).
  9. FWIW and IIRC, the Neutrik Speakon cable’s recommended config is to wire it to the same posts as the stereo speakers.
  10. Hello. I'm a newcomer who has had basically the same system for 32 years. Yes, I am starting to think about upgrading more of it. I'd really welcome suggestions. But it's also possible I won't take them, because ... well, it's complicated. Back in 1988 I bought a NAD 7020e and a pair of 8020e speakers. I considered it a starter rig that I would replace a few years down the track. The 8020es are front-ported 2-way bookshelves actually made by KEF. The 7020e is a sleeper, a 3020e with a no-drift tuner added; the late Martin Borish, long-time NAD MD, is said to have regarded it as t
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