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  1. Hi qlder75 I have just traded a Primaluna Evo300 Integrated amplifier. Client moved up to 2 x Evo400 monos Its complete and perfect in box ready for shipping. I sold it to client 6months earlier. Please PM me for price and shipping details Kind regards Geoff
  2. Hi MIck I'm glad your enjoying your CSA100 and your chasing the dragon CD - its nice to have good audiophile discs. You Had the KEF r3 when you got the CSA100, now that youve moved up into floor standers you're benefit would be more drive, better and lower bass, a more immersive soundstage with the CSA150. I'm happy to trade with you or support you moving it on and replacing it if you choose to. Kind regards Geoff
  3. Awesome Marc, I/ we would love to have you come over. I am happy to try to work around you and @RankStranger with times and dates. SNA members please register your interest Geoff
  4. Perfect? would anyone like to join @RankStranger and me for a listening evening
  5. Hi Rank Stranger, I am very happy to put on a evenng for 10- 15 SNA members to have a listen to the Copland in my showroom, Any one interested, please register your interest on the thread or PM me and I'll happily start working out some dates and times. Of course we can listen to other items on the night too. regards Geoff
  6. By now I guess you've all heard about the Limetree products. The Limetree-headphone-amplifier, Limetree Phono box 2, Limetree Network and Limetree bridge -- I've attached links to these amazing products to get you up to speed. Enter the Lindemann Music book source. I'm just going to list it's features: Pre-Amplifier with single ended and balanced outputs Class A Headphone Amplifier capable of running 16-200ohm headphones DSD 256 compatible on board DAC Music streamer Roon End point MQA unfolding Bluetooth Wi
  7. Norma is an italian Hi-Fi brand from the home of the greatest violin makers in the world. Cremona - a place name that might may make you think of Sonus Faber! Well now you can consider another hugely reputable brand. These understated simple components create a wonderul sound that will make you wish you'd owned them earlier. Have you heard of Norma products before? https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/pages/norma-audio Equally importantly, have you been to Cremona in Italy? I went to Italy in May 2019, but sadly didn't go there. I visi
  8. One of the products I've really enjoyed listening to this year has been the Copland CSA100. It's a sweet sounding Hybrid integrated amplifier thats made in Denmark. It looks retro and is very well thought out and sounds immersive. I've often coupled it with Amphion Argon7LS and also the Argon3S bookshelf speakers. Maybe its because theyre both Scandinavian, with Amphion hailing from Finland or maybe because they're both amazing brands. Its a sound I can enjoy for hours and for all types of music. Especially with the 1db swith activated on the back of the Am
  9. I got my hands on some Mytek dacs and music streamers I have the Brooklyn bridge and Manhatten II dac in store. I really like the stippled finish on them, its an unique look. The Brooklyn Bridge is a pre-amp, streamer, DAC, Phono pre-amp and streamer all in one. The streamer is a Roon endpoint and Unpacks MQA. I think its a great value all in one product. https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/pages/mytek What are your experiences with Mytek? What do you like most about them?
  10. Thanks Atrebs, It was great to meet you and a pleasure to come up to Sydney and meet some stereonet members that I have only otherwise been able to speak to or email and PM. You'll be happy to hear the Abyss 1266 are currently on the next phase of their australian tour in Queensland. Thank you @peppy for organising the GTG and I'll be very happy to come up again next time. Maybe with less inclement weather Nice to be able to fly again Kind regards Geoff
  11. Hi Audionerd I can help you with German Physiks. Please give me a call or send a PM on Tuesday and I’ll see how I can get you a single speaker. kind regards Geoff 03 9525 0022
  12. Hi Astroboydivx1 https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/products/revel-f208-3-way-8-floorstanding-tower-loudspeaker-pair I am a Revel dealer with keen pricing. Please PM me. kind regards Geoff
  13. Hi Crimsondelagator I have a brand new one and am happy to do deals for SNA members. https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/collections/mytek/products/mytek-brooklyn-dac-high-resolution-preamplifier-dac-headphone-amplifier Obviously not as cheap as your request, but happy to talk. Kind regards Geoff
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