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  1. Hi Guys I have some people on this post talking about their love for Plinius. I thought I might jump on and sy I have a traded in Plinius Toka CD player / Streamer It's complete with box, manual , remote control. I works perfectly. I'm offering it for $2500 shipped. If this post is inappropriate here please let me know and I'll remove it - I just thought you might like to know - I havent posted this anywhere yet. Kind regards Geoff
  2. Hi Unsound I can help you with a PS Audio Direct stream DAC. Please PM me or give me a call and i'll be happy to offer you a SNA member price. Kind Regards Geoff
  3. Hi Nadboofa I can help you with a Linn Linn- Genuine and New -in abox. Its in stock in my showroom Regards Geoff
  4. Hi Everybody Drum roll....... The winner of the BlueSound Node2i has breen drawn. CONGRATULATIONS Paul Barber of Queensland You are the lucky winner. Thank you very much to all who qualified for the draw, I really appreciate your business and support. Remember to qualify for the monthly giveaway you only need to spend $300 or more on my website. Thank you and congratulations again Paul Kind Regards Geoff Stay tuned for this month's give away.
  5. Hi Markm1111 I have an exdemo white sonos ARC for sale. It’s complete and In a box I also have a HEOS sound bar with subwoofer Please PM me for more details thanks kind regards Geoff
  6. Hi Franky995 You are indeed in the draw. Thank you for your purchase best of luck tomorrow Geoff
  7. Hi Odyssey I have a demo formula S and powerman in stock. regards Geoff https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/pages/eleven-audio
  8. Hi everybody My very fair and unbribable friend Freddy is coming into the store tomorrow to draw the winner’s name out of the hat. Now is the time to stroking your rabbit’s foot, sacrifice an old cassette tape and to wear your lucky socks The winner’s name will be announced here tomorrow afternoon. Good luck to everyone and thank you to all who entered the draw. I appreciate your support. kind regards Geoff
  9. Hi @BlueOceanBoy Your HPA4 is shipping tomorrow There's plenty more coming in too We're flying in the biggest Benchmark order ever. Geoff
  10. Hi Picowattson Please Pm me - I have surplus in stock. Will offer very good price for new. thanks Geoff
  11. Hi Steve I have a Yamaha CXA5000 processor Complete in box. I can ship to Perth straightaway. $2000 shipped Please Pm for further info kind regards Geoff
  12. Hi O2so i can help you with your enquiry. Your prices are way off, for new speakers. However if you are flexible with your budget / willingness to spend please PM me for a confidential SNA price and opportunity kind regards Geofc
  13. Hi Wilddude I can help you with LA4, AHB2 and HPA4 Please Pm me for SNA pricing https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/collections/benchmark kind regards Geoff
  14. Hi Cono28 I can help you with a new REL t7i I have my Boxing day sale on now. I'm in melbourne so i can organise pick up or delivery, which ever you prefer. Please PM me for pricing. Kind regards Geoff
  15. Hi Rkow I can help you with a new Lingo4 i have my boxing day sale on the moment Please PM me for the price Kind Regards Geoff
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