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  1. Thank you for your responses, so I understand I need to prevent the dolby signal going through the DAC. I will see what I can do thanks again. !
  2. Thanks I will give this a try, however I really want to minimize my attempts to resolve to avoid damaging my system and / or ears.
  3. I just checked and the TV is set to PCM, I should add the TV connects fine through my Onkyo AV receiver via optical out.
  4. Hi everyone Perhaps a newbie question - I have an AMC US24192i digital preamp linked to a Vincent Power amp driving a pair of KEF LS50s. I would like to connect my Samsung TV via optical to my pre as I have no RCA or HDMI inputs - when I connect and power up I get LOUD noise causing me to immediately power off. Can someone please tell me what is causing this and how I can solve it. Thank you
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