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  1. They came to listen my system and my room, then offer me some of their product: basstraps, diffuser panels, absorber panels. No measurements
  2. +1 to Acourate Last week I purchased and used Acourate to create a filter to correct my room. The book from Mitch was very helpful, made my learning curve minimal. You can easy get a soft copy from Amazon. Mitch’s book walked me through a quick - basic start guide. The process of room measurement, filter design and convolution creation was fast and assisted by macros built in to Acourate. Convolution files were loaded to my Roon Core and improved my listening a lot. I am still reading Mitch’s book to understand better and will test more filter designs. In the meantime I scheduled with local room treatment DIY to come and fix the sound reverberation, which can not be fixed by DSP.
  3. Hi everyone. I newly have a pair of Raidho D1.1 and full loom of Ansuz A2 cable. Looking for a matching integrated amp for them. Cheers.
  4. If you have wired network, yes roon core and music storage should connect to that. The roon endpoints can be wifi no problems.
  5. I used to drive C4 (mk I) with Pass Labs x350.5 amp and Aesthetix Calypso pre for years. They sounded good.
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