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  1. These stands were used for a pair of sonus faber venere 1.5. Have sold the apeakers and have no need for them. There is a scratch on the u deraide on 1 stand (refer to pic) with a little craftsmanship can be touched up. Besides the scratch they present like new Pick up dandenong north
  2. Thanks for that pal.. il look into.them
  3. Hi SNA a real noob queation if somone can shed some light. What should i be looking for when buying a subwoofer for my stereo. I have a pair of venere 1.5S (sonus faber) and feel i need more bass to complete the overal listening experience woom is 5x5 and timber floors (if that helps) 2.1 is where il keep it... Thanks guys
  4. This is a crazy time !! Best time to enjoy your hifi
  5. Thanks pal. Amazing comunity and really looking forward to contributing with annoying questions and some minor input.
  6. Just convince them it better than spending it on beer plus 1/10 is what i admit i spend!!!!
  7. Yes, i have a hifi bug and to be honest the standard selling platforms aka- Gumtree and ebay well needless to say isn't my cup of tea. I want to expand my knowledge and ofcourse purchase audio components to contribute to my wifes strike list.
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