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  1. These stands were used for a pair of sonus faber venere 1.5. Have sold the apeakers and have no need for them. There is a scratch on the u deraide on 1 stand (refer to pic) with a little craftsmanship can be touched up. Besides the scratch they present like new Pick up dandenong north
  2. Thanks for that pal.. il look into.them
  3. Hi SNA a real noob queation if somone can shed some light. What should i be looking for when buying a subwoofer for my stereo. I have a pair of venere 1.5S (sonus faber) and feel i need more bass to complete the overal listening experience woom is 5x5 and timber floors (if that helps) 2.1 is where il keep it... Thanks guys
  4. This is a crazy time !! Best time to enjoy your hifi
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