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  1. Mantra1

    FM antenna

    Wow, I didn't know it was that good. Big bucks though. Cheers.
  2. Mantra1

    FM antenna

    Thank you so much. Is the Grandioso SACD really worth what they ask for it?
  3. Mantra1

    FM antenna

    Could I just ask, are you happy with MD-105? Also, does it have a DAC and what is the app cost? Thanks.
  4. Mantra1

    FM antenna

    Yes, these are excellent antennas. I have friends who use one in NZ and another in South Africa. As mentioned, not cheap, but then most things that are any good (except maybe sex) aren't cheap.
  5. Didn't Quad have a similar system (way back in the 1970s), called current dumping?
  6. La Guitarre Royalle....music for the baroque guitar.
  7. Interesting article. I'll have to read it more closely when I have a bit of time. Thanks for posting.
  8. Yeah, good point mate. I'm of the view that you do need to spend something on cables, not just $50 or $100. Cable manufacturers invest much time and effort (and money) in R&Ding their products. Those who claim that one can achieve an acceptable sound using cables in the $50 to $100 bracket, are just as extreme as those who claim that you need to (or should) spend $10K. Like with most things in life, the middle course (way) is the safest.
  9. These are my current speaker cables: QED Genesis Silver Spiral... https://www.qed.co.uk/qed-genesis-silver-spiral-cable.html At the time of purchase (about 5 years ago), they cost me roughly $850 for 2x3M lengths. They are terminated in what was then QED's best. Having had QED speaker cables in the past, I was fairly confident that they would fit the bill. The current top of the line QED speaker cables are the Supremus: https://www.qed.co.uk/supremus-cable.html Don't know what they cost. but at a guess I'd say $2.5K? That is a far cry from $10K and I'd be fairly sure they'd go up against anything from any other maker. To pay anything over $3K for a pair of speaker cables is just throwing your money away. QED cables are very good, but they are not the only make in this price category. But at this price point, it's a case of....different, but not necessarily better. Cheers.
  10. They may indeed have deep pockets, but that doesn't exclude the possibility that they are deceiving themselves, or more likely, just indulging in a bit of one-upmanship. Just think about it for a minute. Is there even the remotest possibility that two lengths of speaker cable would involve technology, and or materials, and or manufacturing, that would account for a price tag of $10K? Not even the remotest possibility. It's just an exercise in slick marketing and appealing to the vanity of well-heeled consumers.
  11. This is the line that you have drawn?....I see. I'll be more careful in future.
  12. Why? because I can and my comments aren't 'daft', as you so generously put it. As a member, I have the right to offer comments on whatever matters I choose, just as you do. Cheers.
  13. I would have thought it was obvious, but apparently not. I was simply astounded that someone would pay $10K for a pair of speaker cables. I can't believe that I have to spell this out. Personally, I use two lengths of stretched emu penis, sourced from naturally deceased emus, of course.
  14. No, not jealous, just not foolish.
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