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  1. I have a pair of dynaudio dm2/8 paired with an emotiva basx a-300 and they very good to me. I was trying to power them from a yamaha rxv-1079 (rookie error) and they sounded dull but the emotiva really wike them up. Fantastic low end from the 8" driver and they sound much much bigger than they are. My listening space is approximately 400 cubic metres and i can stand 12 metres away from them and still enjoy them loud and clean. Thats my two bits
  2. So i ended up purchasing a new emotiva bas x a-300 for $800 and am very happy with the result. The musical fidelity was sold and after hours of looking at reviews on capable power amps (that might need to be worked) i decided not to purchase other peoples problems. Now i can play my music at very high levels and appreciate what these great speakers can produce. All up ive spent just under 2k on a set of big dynaudio bookshelfs , A used yamaha atmos reciever and new emotiva amp. I am now quite content with my modest little setup .. for now .......
  3. Cheers. Also found a music fidelity a3cr dual mono amp that has great reviews. No 12v trigger though which might be a little bit of a pain since im using the av receiver as a preamp but am willing to make a small sacrifice this in the name of quality. The two choices now are rotel rc-1070 or music fidelity a3cr ?? First world problems really !!
  4. Hey guys ! Need your thoughts on powering a pair of dynaudio dm2/8 speakers in stereo mode. Currently using a yamaha rx-v1079 reciever which is struggling a little bit and getting rather warm ! I think the speakers deserve a little more respect than i am showing and would like them to push a little harder in stereo mode. I am quite satisfied how they perform in a 3.1 setup but would like to bring them forward a little. I would like them to sound a little brighter aswell. Any recommendations on which amp i could use to achieve this ? Ive narrowed it down to an emotiva basx a-300 which is very reasonably priced at $800. I would also consider a good quality older unit. Maybe a rotel rc-1070 that i can source for $500 or would an rb -1050 do the job for $250. Your thoughts would be appreciated p.s love the look of the vintage gear !!
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