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  1. I have a confession ! I sold white van speakers for a day. I responded to a “part-time” sales role when I was at uni a long time ago and subsequently passed the phone interview and was asked to come to a factory in braeside for my first day. I was greeted by a man with a heavy Nordic accent and was told that I would ride shotgun with a decorated salesperson who was sporting a mullet. So we loaded a van and I jumped in the front seat oblivious to what lay ahead..... First set of traffic lights the window went down and my guide swung into action. My jaw dropped and I want
  2. Its speakers that look as good this that keep me so heavily invested in this hobby.
  3. Thanks once again guys. I guess I feel more confident in trying an external dac of the gieseler type. Given how quickly they sell in the classifieds I must be on my toes if I wish to acquire swiftly.
  4. Thats a great question ! Maybe I initially should have asked if any major improvements can be had with an external dac before just assuming. Maybe I’m just too curious but it has been suggested to me by other experienced members of this forum that an external dac will take the bluesound to the next level. I’m curious to see if that next level exists. Maybe my system is not transparent enough to hear a difference and I’m happy for someone to suggest that I should get a real amp or change my speakers. If it’s a different flavour then I’m not interested because I only like vanilla. So ......it’s
  5. Ladies and Gents. I’m looking to compliment my bluesound node 2i with an external dac. I am quite pleased with its offerings thus far but am looking at taking the next step. This will be my first dac to accompany my first streamer that is feeding a vintage jvc ja-s71 and a pair of living audio speakers. I’m happy with my components thus far but am seeking to upgrade my digital source. I have heard the gieseler dacs are very capable and have been waiting patiently for one to pop-up in the classifieds but they don’t last long do they ! Am I on the right track with these offerings or can simil
  6. One of these days I think I will actually go a step further and pull the trigger on one of these “single deals” 🤦‍♂️
  7. So I’m guessing this speaker has just become a must buy at this price.
  8. Further information: I take my hat off to Jeff Brown , a fellow member that I have not met who is raising funds for MND. I am jumping onboard too and have decided to part with a very clean akai tape deck . It comes with a free tattoo courtesy of Victoria police (tattoos are in fashion at the moment !) Send your donation to the link below and provide me with a proof of receipt and i will deliver free of charge within 10ks of box hill. Thanks for looking and all the best Jeff ! Photos: https://www.mndwalk.org.au/my-fundraising/2388/jeff-brown PLEASE READ
  9. Jeff. I am happy to donate a vintage akai tape deck to your cause If you permit me to. Can I use the your URL above for payment ?
  10. Hey guys, just thought I’d keep this thread alive by updating you guys on my recent works. I have since been able to further “tame” the reflections in the room that were giving me grief by installing some 7mm acoustic panels from Autex. I managed to acquire these at a sensible price and am quite happy with the results. My wife is also happy with the way they look. The combination of curtains and panels has provided us with a more pleasant space to sit and converse (yell) in. Still a very average room to listen to music in but at least my ears don’t bleed when a seven year old and a nine year o
  11. Autex acoustic panels. I purchased a bunch of acoustic panels from a customer of mine that fits out offices and schools with the intent of performing some room treatment and have achieved the desired result with only half the material. These are now surplus and up for sale. I cannot authenticate that they are Autex panels as they have no markings but I asked what brand they were upon purchase and was told they were Autex. They are 7mm thick. Length is 1200 mm x 595-615mm. Can be easily trimmed to size with a Stanley knife and applied to the walls quickly with pins. Not sure what NRC value the
  12. I’m happy to “baby sit” these for a suitor if someone needs to organise freight and shipping. I live in 3129 and have a van.
  13. Hey guys. Im looking at upgrading my centre channel speaker from a crappy old jvc speaker to a dynaudio excite x24. Currently my left and right channels are dynaudio dm2/8 being powered by an emotiva basx a-300 and being fed by a yamaha rxv-1079. The dynaudio centre channel is 8 ohm and 85 db sensitivity and can be acquired for around $600 which just falls into my budget. My questions are whether this centre channel speaker would lack the power from yamaha receiver and whether it can be bi-amped sufficiently from the receiver ? Massive room at about 400 cubic metres but sitting distance
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