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  1. I made an enquiry today over the phone and spoke to a professional who deals mainly in commercial acoustics and he told me to cover the ceiling in acoustic panels with an nrc of 0.8 or higher and its job done. I mentioned the curtains and he said that some improvements can be made through this as well but emphasised the ceiling. I asked him what his fees were and he said $1200 for a site visit and but suggested i put that money towards treating the ceiling. What a nice bloke !
  2. Maybe i can make this phase one and do a before-and-after once the curtains are in. I will acquire this REW software and I will also acquire the curtains. And i thank all members of the LOWY institute (hi-fi branch) for their sensible recommendations.
  3. Would it be safe to say that he can power them but not satisy them ?
  4. They are dm 2/8. Have an 8 inch driver that can push hard down low and am giving them lots of stick via an emotiva power amp. They sound big and clean for an entry level dynaudio
  5. Thanks for you advice guys. I have since made contact with someone that makes acoustics curtains and will commission him to get me to phase one of the treatment. Quoted me about 1k over the phone and one week turnaround which i think is very reasonable. Will keep you posted
  6. I was in a similar position a while ago trying to power my dynaudio bookshelfS from a yamaha receiver (rookie error) At high levels my receiver would go into meltdown and shutoff simply because its not designed to push a 4 ohm load all day long. Thats not to say that it sounded terrible at low-med levels. I would probably jump on an 6-8 ohm speaker to get started simply because you already have the receiver and then probably plan for a better setup as you interests evolve. Those paradigms mentioned above would get you up and running quite nicely. The dynaudios are gonna be a little too thirsty for your receiver and any capable salesman should probably outline that to you.
  7. This is the stuff i really want but last time i checked it cost a kings ransom. Might have to enquire again if the large drape doesnt dampen the room.
  8. Square set plastering doesnt help either. When i clap my hands it seems that the noise lingers in the ceiling. You make a good point gee emm, the room is naked from the "waist" up.
  9. Great video. Really puts things into perspective. Especially when he suggested to spend money on room treatment before upgrading speakers.
  10. Probably a 2-3 mm felt that is being used on a lot of high end furniture my customer makes. My wife and i have quite particular tastes when it comes to furnishings so a felt curtain/acoustic wall would not be out of place in our home
  11. When standing outside the room i can barely hear my wife yelling at me from the other side of the glass. Its the 20sqm of double glazing that is doing what suppose to do. Trap energy (heat/cold/sound) inside the room. I will pursue the curtain because the my other half thinks its a necessity. I do as well but for reasons mentioned above and will pick away at the rest. Thanks for your tips everyone
  12. Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone can give me some recommendations on how to improve the acoustics of my living room/ listening area. It is a cavernous room that produces a lot of echo. Have three young loud children that will make your ears bleed after 10 minutes. It is 115 sqm an has 4.4 m high ceilings. Currently i am running a couple of dynaudio speakers (dm2/8) and am powering them with an emotiva basx a-300. A late model yamaha receiver is being used as a pre-amp for now. The photo below shows where the two speakers sit next to the tv on the right (yellow). To left i am considering a 6 metre long heavy curtain to dampen the echo. My question is will this curtain have a significant dampening effect ? Also considering using felt material for the curtain. Would it be advised that i upgrade to some floor standers once the acoustics have been sorted ? Given the size of the room. The dynaudio's can play loud and clean but i am looking for some more low end. I would even consider a sub also. Cheers
  13. Nope. Cant incorporate it into music cast. Only pandora and spotify but can use it through airplay. Not sure if any gains would be had anyways
  14. Is it safe to say that either the bluesound or the yamaha will give me better musicality over the AVR ?
  15. blue sound gets alot of mentions in the forum. Will have a look at that aswell
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