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  1. Thanks cafe. Im always happy to take advice from others on this forum 👍
  2. Thanks guys. Good advice never goes astray. My next question is whether or not i could do any harm to the jvc by giving it too much signal or gain ?
  3. Hey guys. I bought a lovely jvc ja-s71 from a fellow sna member a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I have since connected it my blue sound via the auxiliary input and it sounds fantastic. My question is : should i set the output level of the bluesound to fixed and control the volume manually via the amp or should i just continue to control the volume via the bluos app and leave the volume to variable as im doing currently ? The jvc also has a power amp mode that i have tried with the bluesound and that also works well but i think i like the preamp section of the jvc and besides i wouldnt want any accidents because the amp is very powerfull and i wouldnt want to damage any of beloved speakers. Your thoughts would be appreciated
  4. Just to keep you guys updated and to thank you for all your great advice. I have since moved my gear to the man cave and with great results. Sound quality has improved drastically and i am now really enjoying my setup. We also ended up installing about 18sqm of curtain (not the acoustic type) and out of curiosity i put my 2 -channel gear back for a before 'n' after and i still find it disappointing. So the man cave wins buy a country mile and i have free reign to play with speaker placement and cheap diy acoustic panels. Neighbours officially hate me now...
  5. I have the dm 2/8 and I love them. Good buying here
  6. Ended up buying these and absolutely love them. Probably prefer them to the dynaudio dm2/8's. Scratchy pots though and haVe taken them to dr speaker to replace caps and rewire and clean pots. Cant wait to get them back. Bit Thirsty, sealed cabinet, image really well, great bass.
  7. Been looking at an integrated actually. I can retire the emotiva to the family room where a 75'' and a 4k yamaha sit. I like the pm700n. A marantz pm8006 caught my eye in the classifieds here last week too. No digital inputs though. Certainly a lot of good gear popping up in classifieds at great prices. I hope its not a sign if the times.
  8. I have since purchased a bluesound node 2i. My new setup is bluesound>avr>emotiva power basx a300> dynaudio dm2/8. Doing an a/b test bluesound vs apple tv streaming tidal i only noticed a 5-10% increase in sq. Both sound great but cant justify the $900 Spent On bluesound . Either my setup isnt revealing enough or apple tv is very underrated . I am considering ditching the streamer and trying a kleinIII DAC in leu .
  9. Last night i decided to dust off 500g of mp3 files and introduce them to the node. Well i must say that I was very impressed with the way the bluesound indexed all my music and made them available for play back via the phone app. Sound quality is very good and i must say that i have never heard mp3s sound so good !! Big tick from me !
  10. CHAIN C : bluesound node2i >emotiva bas x a-300>dynaudio dm2/8. Minuscule improvement in bass control. I would definitely fail an A/B/C test but will persist. Dont get me wrong - i am really happy with either a, b or c but im probably not sure that my investment has put a $900 smile in my face. Biggest improvement made was using an ethernet connection vs wifi and that was free. Never mind ! Prob not the first bloke to outlay funds for very little return - nor the last !
  11. CHAIN A : Bluesound node 2i>yamaha rx-v659>emotiva basx a-300 power amp>dynaudio dm 2/8. CHAIN B: Apple tv airplay>yamaha rx-v659>emotiva basx a-300 power amp> dynaudio dm2/8 Its my modest little startup system. Gonna do some more listening over the weekend and do more a/b tests. Have a new rca cable on order so will assess further when that is installed.
  12. Purchased a node2i today and have been playing around with it for a few hours and have done an a/b test apple tv toslink>receiver>power amp vs node2i+modest rca >receiver>power amp. Streaming tidal I have not noticed a major difference between the two devices. I know my cables is letting me down but i would have thought the difference would have been more audible. The node sounded like it had alot more gain than the airplay on apple tv and a LITTLE more forward sounding but that is it. At this stage i would like to employ the services of the brains trust again. 🤔
  13. Thanks Rock robster and hi fi whipped. I Have noticed that the blusound 2i does not have a usb out. Would the toslink connection between these two devices be sufficient in lieu of a USB connection which i think is preferred ?
  14. Ladies and gents. Having read numerous threads on Dacs and streaming i am no closer to making a decision on my next purchase. I have budget of $1000 to spend and nearly pulled the trigger on a bluesound node 2i but have held off because i have not consulted the SNA brains trust ! I also need to upgrade a very tired toshiba laptop and am looking at transitioning to ios via a used mac mini that will feed my trusty old sony 40" series tv. Currently i am using apple tv 3rd gen to stream tidal via airplay to the digital inputs of an old yammy receiver which feeds an emotiva power amp which subsequently feeds some dynaudio standmounts. This setup sounds quite satisfying being my "first" attempt at compiling a few separates on a budget but i am now looking to be able to clean up my source and would like the ability to be able to stream hi res audio and lose the apple tv and the yammy receiver and the sonic disadvantages that pertain to both. Would the bluesound provide a solid answer to my "woes" with its usability ? Would it enhance the playback of my 400gig mp3 collection and stream tidal masters and other hi res audio files better than a dedicated mac mini and external DAC like the klein III ? Your thoughts would be appreciated. 🤔
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