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  1. Hey guys. Im looking at upgrading my centre channel speaker from a crappy old jvc speaker to a dynaudio excite x24. Currently my left and right channels are dynaudio dm2/8 being powered by an emotiva basx a-300 and being fed by a yamaha rxv-1079. The dynaudio centre channel is 8 ohm and 85 db sensitivity and can be acquired for around $600 which just falls into my budget. My questions are whether this centre channel speaker would lack the power from yamaha receiver and whether it can be bi-amped sufficiently from the receiver ? Massive room at about 400 cubic metres but sitting distance is approximately 4.5m from a 75 " bravia. Would you discourage me from having a mix of 4ohm and 8 ohm speakers even though the L/R are being driven independently ? Your thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Just bought one a couple of months ago. Its a beast ! Sounds great and can drive my thirsty dynaudio bookshelfs. Have paired it with some vintage 'living audio' speakers and a bluesound node 2i. Bit heavy on the bass though !
  3. I would agree with blybo on this recommendation but if you decide to go down the ht bypass hole the you will find the following link usefull http://www.audiophile.no/en/articles-tests-reviews/item/426-amplifiers-with-processor-input
  4. They are a lovely turntable. I nearly bought one a little while ago. I think i might hold off a little and increase my budget.
  5. I would love to acquire another pair someday because i am very pleased with the quality of them. I have them paired with a jvc ja-s71 that i acquired from a SNA member and a bluesound node 2i. Had them serviced a couple of months ago by Dr Sound in melbourne and he was impressed with them. He had never seen or heard of them either so we spent some time listening to them on a big fat tube amp that he had built and it was there that i realised their potential. I will never sell mine and would love to see some photos of yours 👍
  6. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I will reconsider my investment in the jvc
  7. Hey guys. I am looking at venturing into the analogue domain again and have stumbled across a jvc JL-A1 turntable for sale. Asking price is $430 from a reputable vintage hi-fi store for a product that has just been serviced and given the once over by a technician. I am considering buying this to match my jvc ja -s71 that i acquired from an SNA member recently and am very curious to see what the phone stage has to offer. Any thoughts on this ? Im currently streaming via a bluesound node2i and am happy with it and my first attempt at vinyl was a used project essential II. It sounded ok but I decided to move it on because im not a big fan of black plastic looking TT's. So, with a budget of $600-700 ish i was thinking of acquiring the JL-A1 and spending a couple of hundred on a nice cartridge. My question is whether this would present as a solid starting point given that i am sticking my head down this rabbit hole for the second time. Over the brains trust !!
  8. I would be listening to those tonight if you were in melbourne. GLWTS
  9. Thanks for overwhelming support and advice you guys have provided me and i can now declare that since i have had the curtain installed ( was on the wife's agenda for a while ) we have noticed a small improvement in the echo of the room. I have also acquired for free a stack of 450mm x 450mm x 100 mm thick foam pads from a customer of mine that throws them out and will use these through a trial and error process and move them around in the room to see what works and then mark the area with tape. When i am satisfied with the result i will then acquire some appropriate panels with a high NRC and fit them to spots i have marked with tape. I will keep you guys posted because it is clear this thread has attracted a large amount of interest and advice which is most welcomed. Thanks again
  10. Thanks cafe. Im always happy to take advice from others on this forum 👍
  11. Thanks guys. Good advice never goes astray. My next question is whether or not i could do any harm to the jvc by giving it too much signal or gain ?
  12. Hey guys. I bought a lovely jvc ja-s71 from a fellow sna member a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I have since connected it my blue sound via the auxiliary input and it sounds fantastic. My question is : should i set the output level of the bluesound to fixed and control the volume manually via the amp or should i just continue to control the volume via the bluos app and leave the volume to variable as im doing currently ? The jvc also has a power amp mode that i have tried with the bluesound and that also works well but i think i like the preamp section of the jvc and besides i wouldnt want any accidents because the amp is very powerfull and i wouldnt want to damage any of beloved speakers. Your thoughts would be appreciated
  13. Just to keep you guys updated and to thank you for all your great advice. I have since moved my gear to the man cave and with great results. Sound quality has improved drastically and i am now really enjoying my setup. We also ended up installing about 18sqm of curtain (not the acoustic type) and out of curiosity i put my 2 -channel gear back for a before 'n' after and i still find it disappointing. So the man cave wins buy a country mile and i have free reign to play with speaker placement and cheap diy acoustic panels. Neighbours officially hate me now...
  14. I have the dm 2/8 and I love them. Good buying here
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