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  1. Hey all, I’m looking to move my TT away from my speakers/HiFi gear And place on its own rack... Is a 2m shielded phono interconnect too far? Am I better just placing the phono amp close to the TT and run a longer shielded stereo interconnect from phono amp to the stereo amp? Or is it going to make FA difference which ever I choose. *context = I’m not looking for audiophile/purist sound, just wondering if I can practically avoid degradation of signal by choosing one of the above cable run options* Thanks, TCG
  2. Hey All, Would adding a custom wood veneer to existing speaker veneer have any audible impact or cause issues? How about adding a wood veneer to the sides of audio components? Anyone played around with custom finishes for your gear? Thanks. (P.s Have access to a professional service (custom interiors/fit outs) so not specifically talking a home DIY job)
  3. Hey Anton, would you be interested in selling the stands separately? I’ve been chasing 700 S1/S2 stands For my existing 685’s.
  4. Very tempting at that price. What's your overall impressions of the 7872?
  5. Further information: Rotel RA-06SE integrated stereo amplifier. Special Edition Model (RRP $1199). 70W Per Channel. Original owner since purchase in 2012. Loverly Rotel sound that is very fluid and very musical - smooth without losing detail. Great Phono stage for your Turntable too. Well looked after and in really nice condition. Everything works perfectly but most importantly it sounds great. includes remote and manual (no original box sorry). The major additions to the Special Edition model all happed under the bonnet – better capacitors, improved decoupling of the power supply from input switching and buffer stages and some finessing of the moving-magnet phono stage made this a considerable upgrade over the regular RA-06 (RRP $999). Almost identical sound reproduction as my 2019 Rotel A-12 (RRP $1299). It just doesn’t have the DAC/Digital inputs of the A-12. Sad to see it go, but I’m sure it will catch the eye of someone who knows a great budget HiFi amp when they see it. Demo for local buyer or happy to ship at buyers cost. Specs: Speaker Terminals: Speaker A & Speaker B for multi room or bi-amping. Analogue Inputs: CD (Rear) Tuner (Rear) AUX 1 (Rear) AUX 2 (Rear) Media Player (Front) MM Phono + GRD (Rear) Outputs: Tape (Rear) Pre Out (Rear) Headphone (Front) IR (Rear) 12v Trigger (Rear) Minimum Frequency Response 20 Hz Impedance 8 Ohm Maximum Frequency Response 20 kHz Audio RMS Output Power 140 W Audio Channels 2 (70 W/Per Channel) Total Harmonic Distortion 0.03% Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB Weight Approximate 7.70 kg Dimensions 92 mm (H): 435 mm (W): 342 mm (D) Photos:
  6. Item: B&W FS-700/FS-CM S1/S2 Speaker Stands Price Range: $150+ Item Condition: Good Used Condition Extra Info: Looking for a pair of FS-700/FS-CM S1 and/or S2 Speaker Stands. Black or silver. Brisbane based but happy to pay for postage for the right items.
  7. Item: B&W 686 or 685 Pair or even 684 (Light Oak) Price Range: 275+ Item Condition: Good Used Condition Extra Info: Looking to complete a potential 5.1 system with a pair of 686’s or 685’s or even 684’s Must be Light Oak Veneer. Brisbane based but will happily pay for postage for the right pair
  8. That CA 1000 iii is a thing of Beauty! I’ve often thought of grabbing one just to display.
  9. I really need to setup notifications for new classified listings! This is an absolute bargain that I would be all over if I was quicker arriving on the scene 😋
  10. Hey Mate, I do agree with you to a point. I’m down the vinyl path mostly because it’s a medium I don’t have and I like to have physical options. I’ve given up on CD’s. I think for my needs and bang for buck Streaming is now of at least equal to CD in SQ and a far easier format to deal with. But I do enjoy a physical element to albums that I love (Thus picking these up on vinyl occasionally is my plan). I don’t mind investing in that. Also, this vinyl path was and is not intended to end up as my primary listening medium but more to have that physical option when I want it and experience something different to digital on occasions.... and a excuse to upgrade / tinker occasionally when I’m bored. Regarding storage etc, we both have a great eye for making things look good so it’s not a concern and there are great furniture storage options out there for what will not be a huge collection of vinyl. I’m pretty happy so far. I’m experiencing the benefits and shortcomings and I guess that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve at this stage. Happy Listening! TCG
  11. Update: Current Listening Setup Pro-ject Debut Carbon-> OM10 Cart-> Pro-ject Phono E Box-> Yamaha WXC-50 Pre-> Rotel Ra06SE Amp-> B&W 685 Speakers So first real listen of vinyl today, it’s not in my main music system but just my living room setup for now (as above). Firstly, I have learnt that not all vinyl is equal, one record had to be returned because it was just so bad sound quality I thought I’d purchased a dud Turntable!.. while other records The XX for example are Devine. Secondly, I’ve found “burn-in” is a real thing for electronics. I grabbed a Pro-Ject Phono Box E new for $50 (JBHiFi had it on clearance) this morning... again I thought I’d purchased a dud as it sounded flat and lifeless... but a hour or two later it had warmed up, gained control and was outputting quite pleasant, toe tapping sound. Will compare it to my Amps integrated phono tonight. Also, using the WXC-50 Streamer/PreAmp, it’s been quite interesting switching from vinyl recording output to Tidal stream of the same song and back again on the fly for direct comparison. Tidal is certainly more detailed and all round better sound with the same Amp/Speakers but i would imagine that’s mostly because of my budget turntable setup that isn’t extracting everything... Currently my Tidal digital streaming is overall better in all aspects but there is “something” about the vinyl recording that’s a little more relaxing, mellow etc... so for now I’ll keep comparing and listening and enjoying this little (and relatively inexpensive) experiment towards Vinyl. TCG
  12. So JB HiFi is fairly credible (within context) for picking up new records? I’m new to vinyl and need to pick up a few and JB is certainly a convenient option here in Brisbane.
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