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  1. Keeping the wood flooring with some rugs but ceiling can certainly be addressed.
  2. Hey all, I’m looking to improve the acoustics of my open plan living area. Obviously I’m not expecting a complete fix but I figure any improvement is better than nothing. I’ve got around 3k to throw at the room to start with which I assume should go towards acoustic panels (absorb/diffuse/trap) - @CustomHT have just posted in the classifieds some good pricing on aesthetically pleasing panels. I’ve included a floor plan & empty space photo to give an idea of the space I’m working with. The furnishings will be a large L shape fabric sofa and chaise. Eames Chair and coffee/side tables/floor lamp. Tv/Av will go along the wall marked ‘AV’. Speakers are B&W CM10 S2 (Mains), CMC S2 (Centre), CM8 S2 (Rear Surrounds) and PV1D Subwoofer. DiracLive has done a great job of making the room sound good but I feel I can assist things further with some acoustic room treatments. I look forward to your suggestions and thoughts! Jared
  3. Further information: Selling my As-New Yamaha WXC-50 as I recently upgraded my AVR which has in-build streaming. Great unit for the price, perfect for bringing your older analogue gear into the digital era or as the hub of a home music streaming system. Awesome DAC onboard too. Comes with original everything including box, so it can be shipped for a flat $20 price Australia Wide. further details can be found here on the Yamaha website. https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/multi-room_audio/wxc-50/index.html Photos:
  4. Yeah, it’s a little cheap looking/feeling connection setup supplied with the T758, I was sure it was something linked to it that was giving me the poor results. Dirac made a very big difference, and has really cleaned up the sound and improved the imaging on what I had without room correction. Very happy now. I’ll order the USB microphone I’ve seen you recommend in previous posts, as I am a tinkerer and will enjoy a decent mic to further fine tune things. for now, the changes made are more than suitable, but like I said - I like to tinker, but this mornings solution will get me by until the decent USB mic arrives. Thanks, again for helping.
  5. SOLVED: So, after reading and reading I finally found, and took note of the below advice from the NAD Support page. Pulling the stereo adapter connection out ever so slightly solved all my issues and I was able to successfully setup my first Dirac Live filters this morning.
  6. Thanks Marc, I’m not sure how I can check what version microphone I have but hopefully it’s something simple like that. I’m usual pretty competent with tech but troubleshooting this Dirac issue has done my head in. Are you able to recommend a fairly common/accessible mic that would be suitable?
  7. Tried boosting the mic, same result. Just checked Mic in REW and its working. This is what i am getting everytime.
  8. Hey Snoop, do you mean the Master Volume and Mic Gain? And yes, test tone run on each speaker and adjusted to be in the green.
  9. Hey guy's, I need some help. I recently picked up a NAD T758 v3 receiver and set aside today to do the Dirac Live room correction. After hours i still cannot get a measurement it will use. I'm using the supplied mic on tripod stand and have tried it plugged into the T758 (as suggested by NAD) and also via my PC. The issue: Every time i run a measurement point (Test tones from each speaker), at the end i get a Low Signal to Noise ratio error message, regardless of which point i'm measuring and what volume everything is set at etc (I've tried almost all volume options!). The rooms quiet. no other appliances are running except the amp and my PC. I also leave the room during the measurement. The one time i was able to get enough measurement points successfully recorded, it failed during the filter design stage with an error saying the measurements were too poor quality. I've tried another calibration microphone (KRKSystems) with the exact same results as above. I've also tried it through the iOS app. Again, same issues. Has anyone else experienced this or have some suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Further information: Multi Award Winning Bowers and Wilkins B&W speakers in a 3.1 package. Includes: B&W 685 S1 Speaker Pair - Oak B&W HTM62 S1 Centre Speaker -Oak B&W PV1 Subwoofer - White Speaker Stand options: Black as pictured or B&W FS-700 S1 (Silver) Purchased Brand New in late 2012, these have all performed flawlessly. They are all in excellent condition. Cabinet, Grills, woofer cones, and tweeters are perfect. Plenty of reviews out there, but these were and still are some of B&W’s best speakers in their respective categories. I have these listed elsewhere separately but am offering these as a HT package at a discounted price. Pick up is Holland Park 4121 Photos: * Specific close up pics can be taken at serious buyers request *
  11. Sale fell through - Still available as of 19/5/2020
  12. Further information: Bowers & Wilkins PV1 - White Purchased in late 2012, this beast has sound to match it’s icon style. Absolute controlled bass for music and a big thumper for movies. Recently looked over by local authorised service agent here in Brisbane. I upgraded the caps at the same time and it came back sounding better than ever. Includes: PV1 Subwoofer, Power Cable, owners manual and NeoTech Sub cable. Reason for selling: I can’t justify having 3 subs. Pick Up Only unless you want to fork out $$$ to get it shipped. Brisbane 4121 Photos:
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