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  1. Correct. The ad was removed as the speakers were already sold.
  2. Hi Kelosuss, Any idea if this driver arrangement is based off an existing JBL design? Could be a cool project to get up and running, to then donate to a friend. Regards
  3. Thanks for the input Chris, I've just had a look at their eBay page and it's pretty much exactly what I'm after.
  4. Hi all, There were some older threads asking the above question, but rather than try revive them I thought it may be worth posting a fresh thread. Any recommendations for having a custom acrylic dust cover made, ideally in Melbourne? Any advice is much appreciated, Regards.
  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I'd take these over modern super glossy designs any day.
  6. One of the most iconic, and beautiful speakers ever made. A true classic!
  7. Hi all, I'm wondering, has anyone had experience with using Mullard 6067s? I've heard Brimar 6067s which I enjoyed (and was looking for), then came across these and found really no info online about them. Any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed.
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