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  1. And, again, I will just say that I didn't have you in mind Ittaku, when evoking my 'challengers', but those who call us 'mad' and 'deluded' when we warn of the detriment of dirty power in the context of audio. They are out there in their droves, armed to their teeth with counterarguments, all designed to debunk our ignorant subjectivity, as they call it.
  2. I appreciate your faith in Hypex SMPS Ittaku. It was my faith too until the other day. However, what you say cuts into the core of my finding which is when I moved my dual mono (Ncore400) from my clean, audio only mains radial to a separate general 'dirty' line, where I had my TV, two laptops, phones, lamps, router etc., all plugged in and working, all the parameters of sound of my system vastly improved (dynamic range widened, bass got more solid, and the silence between the 'notes' really blackened. The cymbals' shimmer got really extended and tonaly on the money). When I later moved that same amp from the 'dirty' line to my second clean radial (I had the socket ready, I just had to start using it by way of extention cable), the improvement - if it was there at all - was marginal. So, I can only deduce that Hypex SMPS is better at rejecting hash generated by other devices than it is at stopping its own one passing out into the mains. I don't know if this makes any engineering sense. But, frankly, I 'm not prepeared to tolerate the compromised picture of excellence in my own listening space jsut to be in some theoretical agreement with all those around - not a dig at you Ittaku - who will no doubt relish the opportunity to challenge my personal finding with their presumed scientific knowledge.
  3. This is the best piece of hi-fi advice I've received in a long time. I want to thank you for taking trouble to share this insight with us because the result I'm experienceing since I put your advice into practice yesterday is realy great. Previously I'd had all my units connected to the one dedicated mains radial that I'd got installed a year or so ago and I never questioned that arrangement, thinking Hypex can't do wrong designing their SMPS. My Ncore is now plugged into my ordinary wall socket and the top end, along with all the low level detail, is crystal clear, really shimmering and the general sound is finally excelling in dynamics. I'm amazed at all the positive difference that such a simple 'replug job' has occasioned. So much has been written about Hypex and Ice and I don't remember anyone mentioning this very real weakness, in the common mode noise department, that these, otherwise great, amps exhibit in real life listening situations.
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