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  1. Talk tomorrow when l know about freight. Thanks cheers Darren
  2. I will contact freight tomorrow and see if there operating out of Adelaide
  3. Hi madeak. can you please send more photos of all sides of the amp.
  4. Hi, have you ever used the Dac as a pre Amp in av setup with bypass? Or could it be set up this way? Cheers Darren
  5. hi, wondering if sold as yet. quite interested however does it have a HT or AV bypass. cheers Darren
  6. Hi was seriously looking at your amps, however at the back of my mind want a Elektra HD Reference power amp. What's your thoughts on the Elektra amp since you run some nice gear.. cheers Darren
  7. Cheers to everyone, been addicted to HIFI for ever. I currently have a dedicated Stereo system and a Surround setup. My stereo system is at least 23 years old ---starts with a Denon DCD-685 payer used as a transport. Due to plenty of gain I run this into a individual diode volume control. this then feeds to a Musical Fidelity Tudalog DAC . Then VTL 50/50 poer Amp. this one was designed by David Manley and hand built in Great Britain Speakers are Note Perfect Concert Floor standers. Always considering to change things and I have heard many great setups co
  8. Daz16 can’t open classifieds has error can access everything else. Cheers Darren
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