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  1. Hi DrSK, Thanks for making it simple and clear. Cheers, Juin
  2. Hi DrSK, If you go to below link, there is a section with a graph, comparing class D and class AB bass response. They think that class D deliver flat bass response down to 20hz, whereas class AB delivers not so flat response in the bottom octaves(it rolls of regardless of speaker). Is this true? https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Power-Amplifiers/Studio-Monitoring/A800/p/P0CE8#googtrans(en|en)
  3. Hi, Is the bass response of Class -D, stronger than Class AB? I am using Anthem Int 225, Class AB, in a two way passive set up. I was wondering,if I use Behringer A800, class D for base woofers in a bi-amp set up, will there be any difference in base quality? https://www.anthemav.com/products-archived/model=i225/page=overview https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Power-Amplifiers/Studio-Monitoring/A800/p/P0CE8#googtrans(en|en).
  4. Thank you all for your valuable suggestions.
  5. Thank you very much Andy, much valuable suggestion. I had a thought about using PA power amplifiers with DSP, like Behringer NX1000D. As you have experience of using miniDSP 2X4HD,I will consider that option as well along with a PA power amplifier without DSP. Juin
  6. Hi, I have built my first DIY Floor standing speaker. Tang band W8-2145 (8") full range along with SB34NRX75-6(12") were used, crossing over at 220 Hz. The woofer enclosure volume is 106 L and the full range enclosure is 23L. Both compartments are sealed, with no air leakage. I have modelled above sealed set up using speaker builderpro http://sbp.softica.dk/2.0/en/?id= The speakers produce excellent vocals and instrumental music. But, the bass has not been strong enough. When I add a sub-woofer, the bottom octave becomes stronger. The base (without su
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