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  1. Item: KEF KUBE 8B SUBWOOFER Location: Central Coast NSW Price: $600 (RRP $895) Item Condition: Excellent ~4 months old Original Box and foam inserts included. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (Willing to post at buyers risk/expense) Extra Info: Awesome sub for small listening room. Repurposing the listening room so everything had to move to the living room which is way bigger. Little guy can't quite fill bigger room. MODEL Kube8b DESIGN Powered Subwoofer (sealed) DRIVE UNITS 1 x 200mm (8in.) FREQUENCY RESPONSE 34Hz - 140Hz (-6dB) MAXIMUM OUTPUT 105dB AMPLIFIER TYPE Built-in Class D AMPLIFIER OUTPUT POWER 300W RMS VARIABLE LOW PASS FILTER 40Hz - 140Hz & LFE ANALOGUE INPUT RCA phono sockets Speaker level inputs POWER REQUIREMENTS 100V - 120V / 220V - 240V ~ 50 / 60Hz DIMENSIONS (with Rear panel and feet / H x W x D) 293 x 293 x 310mm (11.5 x 11.5 x 12.2in.) WEIGHT 11.3kg Photos:
  2. Item: KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers in black with cloth grilles Location: Central Coast NSW Price: $390 negotiable Item Condition: 3 months old, perfect sounding and excellent physical condition apart from some scuffs on the bottom as rubber feet not on. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, bank deposit (no original box but will pack well and post at buyers risk and expense. Extra Info: These were my first foray into HiFi. They are quite well regarded so probably don’t need an intro but... They were beautiful sounding in the small listening room that I was graciously given permission to transform. I’ve now been given a pass to move into the living room which is quite a bit bigger and now need a little more speaker to fill the room. Get the placement right on these and they are amazing for the price. Sad to see them go but only need one system (...apparently). No longer have box or manuals. Not sure if they came with feet but they aren’t included. Grilles ARE included. Photos:
  3. Thanks for the offer. They look great. Will wait to see if there is anything local though. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for all the replies and opinions guys. Lots of info to keep reading.
  5. Hey guys, Can someone explain how equipment can’t “keep up” or doesn’t show rhythm? ive seen this particularly in reviews for amplifiers. Amps are just amplifying the sound of the source. How can timing or rhythm be effected? Furthermore, shouldn’t speakers be responsible for soundstage and detail? Little help?
  6. Interesting takes from everyone. Thanks guys.
  7. I know we are all on the journey to get that last 20% but just wondering what everyones views are as to what price point (Generally!) for various components do you think you have the 80% covered.
  8. Do you ever add up all you’ve spent and think, maybe a Sonos (insert other consumer grade all in one kinda product) would have sufficed and I’d have all this cash left over? Just had this thought slip into my mind when listening to the Sonos in the bedroom. It’s actually pretty damn good for what it is. More broadly, do you ever regret your purchases or journey?
  9. Yeah. I agree. The role was really made for him! I do enjoy the format too. Not too hard to follow. Keep watching! The final episode, while maybe a little predictable is a great cliffhanger to leave it on. Can’t wait for 2nd season. It’s a little annoying seasons are so short these days, especially when they release all episodes at once.
  10. Good point @thathifiguy Guess I’ll give it a miss or wait until it goes on sale and I have nothing better to do.
  11. Damn! Do you like other kojima games? I know exactly what you mean. I used to be like you and was determined to finish even though a game was not enjoyable. I’m going to sound old here, but they just don’t make them like they used to. Not sure if it a case of style over substance.... or maybe just me? Thanks for the review @Tweaky
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