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  1. Looking to get back into home theatre,saw a flagship marantz sr7007 receiver for around 700,is it still good compared to the 2020 models,I don't need atmos just good sound,building a system,any help would be appreciated...
  2. Yes I was thinking about selling it,then I noticed this issue,whether it is a issue or not, Thanks for your reply
  3. Hi all,I have a Epson eh tw8200 projector,brought refurbished from Epson on there display units,had it since 2015 with under 300hrs on globe,just recently a green shadow has appeared during start up but once the black screen turns to the picture the problem goes and picture perfect,anyone else experience this same problem?
  4. Hi all,I have a Epson eh tw8200 since 2015 ,brought from Epson which was a floor model,till now with little use of under 300 hrs,a green shadow has appeared in the middle of the black screen during start up but once the movie starts the problem goes away,any one experience this same issue,thinking about selling it .
  5. Hi,so happy I have come across this site ,recently moved to the gold cold from Sydney,does anyone know of any good Hifi stores in gold coast, Thanks jason
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