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  1. We have a dedicated room with complete blackout treatment that is able to block out all light even during the day which helps to show off the TVs black level handling too
  2. I've been looking into getting a Panasonic UB-820 for all my 4K disc needs but my wife doesn't really like the idea of having it as well as a PS5 when the PS5 can also play 4K discs. I know the Pana is Dolby Vision compatible, has better upscaling, better tone mapping/HDR optimiser etc but I need some more points to try and convince her.
  3. I've been lurking here for a while now and finally mustered up the courage to post. I'm starting to build my first home theatre system and for the longest time have been sold on KEF's Q series but recently through Reddit I was introduced to Norway's Arendal Sound. They're an internet direct company. I can't decide to keep on pursuing the KEFs or make the switch to the Arendal's..
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