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  1. Hi all, Im using the Spyder 5 Express and attempting to do the Autocal on DLA-X5900, but every time i run it, the results all show up as "ERROR" and whilst running the autocal, all x y values are 0. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  2. Overkill but won't have any issues as its a high quality optical cable, just make sure you leave the used section of the cable appropriately coiled up and protect it from being damaged via excessive bending. Long HDMI cables only have issues with length and degradation of signal if they are the conventional copper cables.
  3. Total $200 shipped to Melbourne. Sendle offers good prices for shipping heavy / bulky items.
  4. Definitely got the right settings in regards to mount type in the settings. Basically this is what I did: 1. Lens Centre on the projector menu 2. Used Lens shift to move the image as far down as possible This gives me max lens shift which only brings the top of the image inline with corner of ceiling/wall. Trying to fit a 120" screen which is possible. Looked at the JVC calculator, maybe just not possible without a extension. Not sure if this is normal or not. I moved my projector up and down to work out what size extension pole do i need. To achieve the following parameters: Ceiling Height: 2.7m Image Height from Ground: 85cm Image Size (Diagonal): 120" Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Lens to Screen Distance (Throw Distance): 3.63m I had to adjust the projector height to 24" from ceiling to achieve the above parameters, this was with Lens Shift set to Max. Does this sound about right?
  5. I have finally got around to mounting my JVC DLA-X5900WE Projector using the ceiling mount Peerless AV PRGS-UNV Mount. But I can't seem to get a square image with only using Lens Shift and no "Keystone Correction". Ceiling Height: 2.74m Lens Distance from Screen: 3.8m Rows: 1 Only way I can get the image 'square' is using Keystone Correction and changing the angle that the projector sits. If i were to level the projector and use Lens Shift only, the image just reaches the ceiling height doesn't go any further down. Any ideas? or is using an extension pole the only way to move forward? If so, any recommendations for a extension pole mount? Peerless AV have seem to discontinued all of their extension pole mounts.
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