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  1. Okay, feedback time. I can get 4K SDR when I plug the Apple TV into the wall jack, but I can get nothing to work when I pass the signal through the receiver, not even 1080p SDR, or even 1024x768.... I’ve had a look at the HDMI controls for all devices and have turned off anything that looks remotely like CEC but unsure where to go from here other than new cables all round. ***EDIT*** Got it working through the receiver by selecting “4K Signal Format” from ‘enhanced’ to ‘standard’. ***
  2. Steffen, The highest it will go is 4K SDR. Thank you, it was the one bit of troubleshooting I was missing! Betty, Thanks, I will get that cable and let you know. I will also get a similar one to connect the Apple TV to the receiver.
  3. Good question, thanks. I will have to do that when it’s plugged in at the projector, then move it forward. I will let you know.
  4. Hi everyone, I’ll give as much detail as I can, and then ask my questions... We have recently built and had a media room included in our build. We have a low lying entertainment unit at the front of the room with 2 HDMI jacks included in a wall plate. Approximately 10 metres of HDMI then travels up the wall and to the rear of the room and to the projector. The equipment is: JVC N7 projector Denon 6500 receiver Apple TV 4K HDMI cable used by the builders is “alogic high speed HDMI with ethernet” I connected the Apple TV to the receiver, and the receiver to the wall jack. The Apple TV was displayed through the projector, and all seemed OK. However, after I turned everything off, things turned a bit strange. Now I can’t get a signal from the Apple TV to display on the projector through either the receiver, or directly through the wall jack. The Apple TV itself is working ok, and if I move it to the back of the room and plug it directly into the projector with a short HDMI cable it displays perfectly. My Blu-Ray player displays normally when hooked up through the receiver, or either wall jack so the long HDMI through the wall is OK. The receiver can display its help menus on the screen so the receiver is OK. Of interest, when the Apple TV is plugged into the receiver, the associated channel of the receiver displays “no signal” on the projector. So, it seems that the Apple TV signal is getting lost somewhere after it plugs into the receiver or the wall jack. Questions: 1. Would a better HDMI cable connecting the Apple TV to the receiver and the receiver to the wall jack be enough to fix this? or.... 2. Would I be better off replacing the cable between the wall jack and the projector? or 3. Is there something obvious I’m missing? Any advice welcome! Thanks for your time.
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