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  1. Hi all, I've a Pioneer PL-516X turntable and I've placed a Pioneer 3-MC cartridge on it. The right channel isn't working and I'm 100% it's the cartridge, I've tried other cheaper ones & both channels work well. Is the 3-mc repairable? Is there anything that can be done? Thanks Gerry
  2. Thank you all for your time & advice, I do really appreciate it. If there are other used TT that you all come across or see under $800. 00 please send the info my way. Thanks guys
  3. Or would you suggest a Rega Planer 3 with a MC Dynavector Karat 17D $699.00 or Pioneer PL-1200A D/D, with a Pioneer PC-330 MM & a new Nagoka stylus $670.00.
  4. I've a Marantz PM 64 Mk 11 coming my way in a week or so. If I was to use the same cartridge as someone in their Technics 1200 or a similar High End TT, Would I get the same quality sound?
  5. Hi all, I just came across a Sansui FR-5080 D/D Turntable. It's manufactured around 1975 & is a (2/4 Channel) weighs 12.5 Kg. It's in very good condition & I was just after your thoughts. It's listed for $275. Thanks G
  6. I have taken all of that into account. But what can I buy for around $1300 with similar specs, sound quality & punch. I mainly listen to Led Zep, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, ELO, Queen, Stones, Beatles & most big bands from the 60's & 70's. I do like the the Class A sound from the Marantz. G
  7. Hi all, I'm Gerry & I'd like to get back into stereo's. I'm thinking of buying a Marantz Amp from overseas. I'll be using PayPal, Have any of you experts had issues with stuff being damaged during transport? It's a PM 94, just can't find one here in Au. Thanks in advance . Gerry
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