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  1. Thanks for the reply Jedi - really appreciate it. So speaker connections remain the same as per my diagram. i.e. Right Speaker stays connected to the 368 (but I assume now it connects to the terminals normally i.e. not split across the left and right terminals) AND the left speaker connects to the 268? This is probably a dumb question - with the 368 in stereo and the 268 in bridge mono - won't I have a power output difference between the left/right speaker? Or because the 368 is only driving one speaker it will be able to output the (claimed) 300W matching the 268
  2. Hi All, This is my first post so go easy if what I am about to ask is obvious. I feel like I have stupidly misunderstood how this would work. I thought that by pairing the C268 with the C368 and running both amps in bridge mode I could effectively boost the output to 300W (NAD claimed) per channel. i.e. the C368 would power the right channel and the C328 would power the left channel. See picture of how I have them connected and snippets of the instructions for each on using them in bridge mode. Note the comment underlined in blue for the C368 which states th
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