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  1. Thank you for that info. US postage sure is crazy. Cheers
  2. Can anyone tell me which grade Ferrofluid is correct for KEF T33 tweeters and where to get it?
  3. Amazing to see, outstanding condition, they were my first venture into hifi. Gotta love the tweeter lens, a real blast from the 70s. GLWTS
  4. Is that a motorised drop down screen against the blinds? Good on him, glorious system, why are these gems never in my State.
  5. Yeah there are some excellent examples of cheap ways to isolate kit. Even 25ml closed cell rubber cut into squares does a great job, one square meter $21.
  6. Wow, what an abdolute classic combo and in such fantastic condition. Starting to wish I still had some vinyl.
  7. Very very bloody nice, genuine classics, why are they never in SA. Buyer should be well pleased. 😎
  8. You'd think if some of these manufacturers would make limited runs/reissues of their past Classic designs. I hadn’t thought of that for HiFi. It’s certainly worked for some motorcycle manufacturers. I guess we see it in the Yamaha range with those meters and I reckon I’d be up for a pair of new build IMF RSPM’s but I wonder if they would hold up against today’s designs and new materials?
  9. I don’t think the issue, suffered by some 104.2s is relevant to the latter models and definitely not to the outer neoprene surrounds. My 104.2s purchased new in 1985 are still fine.
  10. As you mentioned I’ve certainly been able to discern an audible difference when isolating speakers and turntables but never electronics. My CD player weighs 17kg and the amp when testing was 25kg, maybe that mass self isolates?
  11. Bit of a bargain there, nice match of components not to mention fabulous condition GLWTS
  12. I’ll part with my TEAC VRDS 25 when it’s ripped from my cold dead hands. 🤪 Not saying it’s the ultimate but it has proven that transports do make an audible difference.
  13. Good reading above, interesting too and I guess there are always exceptions. Looks like Luxman and Yamaha amplifiers cost less here than in the US. (Based on advertised RRPs) they are hefty nuggets too so shipping might be costly.
  14. Yeah I’ve also been looking for quite a while. I’m only after the 507uxii or 590x. ClassA Audio offered me a new 509x at a great price but that was a while back. Also a guy here in Adelaide I believe may still have a 590axii for sale at $6,500. If that’s in your price range do you want me to find out if it’s still for sale? Cheers John
  15. Ok, I’m getting on a bit and find I’m so out of touch with new tech and wondering what components of the last 5 - 10 years or so will be remembered and sought after in say 20 years time. Looking back to the 70/80s it seems, at least to my muddled mind that many memorable products were released and I’ll keep it brief, like IMF all models Rogers Studio Monitors Bose 901 KEF 104.2, 107 LS3/5A Mission 770 B&W 602 NAD 3020 Audio Innovations ? (Maybe that’s just me) Yamaha M2 Yam C4/M4 combo Krell KAV 300i Linn LP12 TEAC
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