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  1. Item: KRELL KAV-300i Integrated Amplifier Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $1,100 HOPEFULLY SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Item Condition: Excellent (with original inner/outer packaging, manual, remote and power cable) Reason for selling: Can finally afford a change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Cash on delivery if delivered by me, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: I'm the second owner of this amp. The original owner moved quickly to a Krell pre/power combo so I know all but about 6 months of it's history. The KAV-300i is a very fast clean amp that will drive pretty much any speaker load. 150 watts into 8 ohms / 300 watts into 4 ohms. Being an early model, this is an American made unit. If you're not familiar with its characteristics please read the US Stereophile magazine's review. Copy/Drop the bold print below into your browser. (I don't know how to make those active links) https://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/809/index.html or Google up Krell KAV-300i there are plenty of reviews. SHIPPING and insurance if chosen at buyers expense 1, If you're in/around Adelaide I can probably deliver it. (Free) 2, I can drop it to Pack and Send in Norwood South Australia for delivery to wherever. Depot to depot seems cheapest. 3. If you want to use Australia Post their online calculator reckons $50 to Melbourne $60 to Sydney $80 to Brisbane and Perth Remember, Aust Post do not offer a Fragile service. Insurance would be additional. If we do a deal, I'll get a full price for you before sending. If you want to get your own prices the box is 60x48x21 cm weight is 15.5kg Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi Terry Sorry for the late response. Gotta admit I’ve been trying to get my head around the P10. Not seen that level of power kit before. Also admit it’s the kind of thing I don’t think anyone should need. I’m not doubting it’s performance rather if you’re spending 5 or 10 grand + on an amplifier I have the expectation that it will handle the voltage characteristics of the country in which it’s being marketed. Yes I am a bit naive. Cheers
  3. Yeah as your current set up is running audio (albeit digital) from the Tele via a DAC to the amp you won’t have a sync problem. It’s only when you run the analog out from the BluRay to the amp that it gets out of sync with the tele’s audio. Well, that’s what I’ve found so I’m thinking for now your set up will work fine. Would like to hear how your test goes though. Cheers.
  4. Hi Mud Shark, I’m pleased to hear the connection is working. However, if you are thinking about “upgrading?” to less components, if you use your Tele as a centre speaker and the stereo for a bigger sound at the same time, (as I used to do with component connections) it might not work. In my experience running an HDMI from a BluRay to the Tele and RCA from the BluRay audio out to an amplifier (if used simultaneously) does not work because the Tele audio will be out of sync with the sound from the stereo. I’ve tried using the sync function on my players, Pioneer LX58 and Oppo 105 without success. Hopefully another member will have a solution before you spend.
  5. Google up who sells records in your area, they are usually looking for stock and often buy in bulk.
  6. Hey Skip welcome to the forum, sounds like you’re having fun with the racing, hope you’re using ear plugs to keep up your hi-fi capability. Nice list of kit too. cheers
  7. Welcome and loved you said “haven’t nailed it” who among us without very deep pockets has, even then, not many.
  8. You lucky b@$?£€d, what a great way to start a new addiction.
  9. Welcome, no matter where we sit on the audio spectrum, we all have a lot to learn from each other.
  10. Hi, like the intro and loving the fact that this kinda retro push back to analog is enthusiast rather than manufacturer driven. Sounds like you’re having fun, ain’t that the whole point of our obsession 😁
  11. Hm, Belcanto, Lexicon .... nice kit, welcome to the Forum, your definitely starting here on a high note. Cheers.
  12. Great intro Gmad, you’ve captured what being an audiophile is all about, experimentation, working with what you have and pushing on to the next step. Cheers and welcome.
  13. If G class is any good, why aren’t the larger or mainstream manufacturers getting into it, or are they and I just can’t find them for sale ?
  14. As a newby to the forum, despite some comments above, I gotta say you really have it well sorted. Yesterday I bought some kit for $800 and felt comfortable because this forum provides feedback regarding sellers and their general regard/respect on the forum. It’s a brilliant if not a faultless system. Nothing is impenetrable but giving me access to past behaviour of members, well I think, is invaluable. Thank you,
  15. Yeah sorry I did send the topic off track by asking the class question. Maybe I should start a new thread cause I’m blowed if I can find any quality Class D amps here in Adelaide, only one I found locally was at Supercheap Auto ! Thanks for all the info though, best get back to the Gain question. Cheers
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