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  1. Oh yeah, that’s beautiful, mmm chrome, I love a bit of bling.
  2. Yeah, maybe change that p to a t ?? 😎 Gotta admit, I love his creations, interviewed him once, what an unstoppable and creative force.
  3. I’m undecided, Is the new Metaxas kit attractive or ??
  4. Finally settled in an Audio Pro Addon C3, the Koala looking thing. Quite a clean sound and at last I can follow individual bass guitar riffs rather than them being smudged in upper bass bloom. Well happy and thanks to all for your wisdom. Cheers.
  5. Item: KEF B200 SP1188 Price Range: Not sure what they’re worth but I need one. Item Condition: New or Used as long as it works within spec. Extra Info: Am willing to purchase a pair. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Thanks Vini, weird looking thing isn’t it. Can’t imagine carrying it about, 17kg, wheel barrow? 😎 Cheers
  7. Crickey, I admire your dedication to the format, might follow your lead and just keep buying till I hit a goodun. 😎 Thanks for the tips. Cheers
  8. Haha, Yeah not the best name, guess it beats ghetto blaster. It is a biggun though but thanks for the tip, hopefully my local Harvey’s will have one. Cheers
  9. Hola, Espanol es bueno 😎 Thanks, I did not think of HK. The Onyx looks big but it’s only AUD$350 so not expensive. Salud
  10. Thanks Rob, I’m not looking for high volume nor bass, and I have no “high fidelity” expectations, just a balanced sound which the old Klipsch Gig did quite well. Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into the Charge 4. Cheers
  11. Good point, the Bose is the smallest 18x6x5 cm but I’m happy to go larger but not the B&W Zeppelin size. Yeah battery powered is a must so I can plonk it anywhere. Cheers
  12. Hi Mauricio Yes Bose are said to be ok and maybe it is a matter of taste. Some say the Bose gives a full rich sound but to me it just smooths everything over from about 1kHz down. Yes I should listen before I buy but as the sole carer of my wife who has brain cancer, I am unable to spend time at hifi stores so I purchase via the internet. Do you have a preferred Bluetooth speaker ? Cheers
  13. I noticed that @Megawolf raised this topic a while back and received no response but I’ll persist with a twist in that I have no budget limit. My Klipsch Gig died and so far I’ve purchased a KEF Muo which to me just doesn’t sound right for any music, then a Bose Soundlink Mini 2 which is fine playing clean pop, say the B52’s but the soggy bottom end simply muddies everything else. Yes I tried an equaliser app but as we know, equalisers can’t cure any points of poor performance, rather they just let you turn that bit down. So I’m wondering, have any of you found a port
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