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  1. True, I’m 66, suffer a big hearing drop out at 12.5Khz right where the tinnitus takes over 😖 but am happy to spend because I still want the bits I can hear to be great.
  2. Oh yeah, here we go, FR1MK2. A sensational classic. Wish I still had a table, GLWTS. I still believe in “rubbish in, rubbish out”, and there’s no rubbish in with this cartridge.
  3. Very Sorry to hear that news @The Fresh Prince I’m sure you’ll be looked after and we’ll see it relisted soon enough.
  4. Thanks mate, nice offer. It’s more a case of where to put it, I hadn’t factored in a change of furniture. Cheers
  5. Yes purchase was my intention. Fresh Prince was very helpful. Sadly I wasn’t aware of its mass, 42kg, not something easily accommodated.😞
  6. Not sure what style of music you listen to nor expected volume but keep in mind that many of the suggested speakers above are ported at the rear so they need open space behind them for best performance. Examples like the B&W 601 are front ported making placement easier. Nice speaker too.
  7. I’m not likely t go that loud but you never know and headroom’s a good thing. I’ve seen a few 590axii’s for sale, maybe the headroom factor is the reason. Cheers
  8. I’m still running KEF 104.2’s that I purchased new, they are 91dB and offer a flat 4ohm load which should pump up the watts to 60pc. My rooms about 5x12 so I was hoping it would be ok.
  9. Hi Red Just thinking about your comment on power supplies. Looking at say the Accuphase A50v, it puts out 50 wpc with a 1000 va trannie, so that’s 20 va per watt. The Luxman 590axii uses a 680 va trannie for its 30wpc which is 22.66 va per watt so isn’t that better or doesn’t it work that way ? I.e. Accuphase has larger capacitors on reserve.
  10. Thanks Rosco, you’ve clearly got some nice kit. I appreciate your description of the different amps performance, just what I was looking for. On the power supply front, I kinda get it but don’t see why the claim (not yours) that the Luxman 590axii doesn’t have a big enough power supply is valid. Looking at say the Accuphase A50v, it puts out 50 wpc with a 1000 va trannie, so that’s 20 va per watt. The Lux uses a 680 va trannie for its 30wpc which is 22.66 va per watt or doesn’t it work that way? I shall put that to our other member. thanks again.
  11. Thanks Graywulf. If only it was that easy, aren’t all bits of string twice their length from the middle ? But yeah I get your point, this Class A sound thing still has me stumped. I too like valve kit, well I did until one set went up in flames and took my desire to return to valves with it. Can’t say I’ve heard a linear monolithic amp, simply wouldn’t know if hat type of circuit was in use, (yes I did have to look it up). Sounds like your enjoying some amazing gear. Cheers
  12. As per my previous comment, your example isn’t relevant. The shop, Challenge HiFi, is very accommodating and will happily mix and match their demos but they can’t do that with products they don’t have on the floor or in stock. Adelaide has a very small market for $10,000+ amps and I don’t blame them for not having a 509x and a 590axii and a high end tube amp to compare.
  13. A bit harsh in my view. It’s not a matter of the shop not letting me demo the product, it’s a case of them not having the product to demo.
  14. Thanks Matt, very generous. I looked up the amp and also saw your build when you posed a question on SNA, very clever, way beyond me. No need to borrow it but many thanks for the offer. Cheers John
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