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  1. I wish! It is a PMA550 and it is a bit rough around the gills. It has had some storage issues resulting in it having a bit of corrosion - but I seem to have fixed that for the most part with the exception of the phono stage still being a bit dodgy in the switch contacts intermittently. Might make a good garage or garden amp in my next life adventure.
  2. Greets Jono I just had a good look at the one I have loitering on a shelf in the garage and I checked for some sort of catch or locking device for the lid and I can't find one. It just lifts up but the springs in my one aren't holding it up any more. Maybe the hinges in yours are jammed. Please be very careful with the stylus. It does not come off like a normal moving magnet and is not user replaceable. It is a whole cartridge replacement and they are very expensive, probably more than the machine is worth. To my great disappointment, my stylus is snapped off and I have
  3. If memory serves me correctly, Scandinavian Research was a house brand for Miranda Hi Fi when it was under the control of Peter Gow, father of Eleanor Nancy Gow a.k.a. Elle MacPherson. They were a reasonably decent product for that part of the market. Too good for the dumpster, certainly worth a few dollars for the components.
  4. All good loudspeakers require appropriate speaker cables. Van den Vanker Kabel are excellent for a range of general purpose bits of spaghetti. I also quite like Velocity Cable for some applications. Apparently their bright red colouring makes them go faster.
  5. Greets. The RMB1066 is a 6 channel amp i.e. 6 x 60w. It has the capacity to operate in bridge mode where you can bridge each pair of amplifiers and achieve 3 x 150w. However, the drawback here is that it means your speakers need to be of a higher impedance normally. I this case, Rotel specify a minimum of 8 ohms in bridge mode. If you use lower impedance speakers, you risk the chance of over-heating the amp and damaging it, perhaps blowing output transistors. Not a good option. My suggestion is to do the bi-amp setup as it will give you quite a good sound and in reality you are
  6. Definitely an excellent price. They look in fantastic condition and the stands included are also a great addition. As a Paradigm wholesaler and retailer in a previous space time continuum, I can vouchsafe that this is value with a capital V 🤓
  7. Further information: This is a classic Luxman turntable fitted with a Grace 707 tone arm and an Audio Technica AT-VM95E cartridge. Legendary rumour has it that this was the end result of the then head of the Australian importer of Luxman products, Alex Encel of International Dynamics, pushing Luxman to answer the challenge of Rega products, i.e. the Rega Planar, into the market place. Who knows the real, full story! If you do, please contribute to the story! Anyhoo, I am offering a beautiful example of this lovely piece of turntable history for sale complete with its Grace 707
  8. Further information: Classic Technics turntable. This one is not as cosmetically wonderful as the other one I have previously sold. However - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good - it has a new belt it has been cleaned and serviced with all trim pots, speed controls, and power switches checked, cleaned, and adjusted as needed. it has a new Audio Technica AT91 cartridge fitted to a Sansui headshell with new, gold-plated headshell leads fitted as well. it has a replacement anti-static mat it sounds fabulous as an example of its heritage -
  9. Further information: A fabulous vintage turntable from Pioneer Electronics from the mid '70s. Pioneer PL-A45D Hi-Fi Automatic Stereo Turntable Manual | Vinyl Engine Really well built and engineered. I have serviced and cleaned it. It has a new belt, headshell and cartridge (Audio Technica VM95E/H - see pics), and the original mat has hardened so I have replaced it with a better mat (old mat will be included if wanted). The auto mechanism is tested and adjusted to work perfectly for both auto start and return. The lid has been cleaned and polished and is about a
  10. Further information: A solid performer single tape deck. 2 motor mechanism, 2 heads, single capstan and pinch wheel. Has Dolby B/C/HXPRO. Features - headphone output with level control adjustable bias to optimise for different tapes when recording Play Trim to optimise for different tapes on playback - either made on another deck or pre-recorded record level with balance intro scan to hear the beginning or each track ( it detects the gap between songs) search function which also works by detecting the gap between songs It is in gre
  11. Further information: A good entry level 2 channel receiver from Yamaha. 45w/ch. Has a phono input. Variable loudness contour control. A+B speaker switching. It is in good condition, works flawlessly, and sounds great for what it is. No dings or big scratches. Comes with the remote control which, unfortunately, is missing its battery compartment cover and I haven't been able to find a replacement. Also has a standard FM antenna. I don't have an AM antenna available to put with it. Easy enough to make out of an old wire coat hanger and a bit of speaker cable 😉. Happy to pac
  12. Another fine. classic cd player from the world of Sony ES. From memory, it effectively replaced the X338 and is 1 step down from the X77 and the later X777. The X7 precedes it. I have an X55 in a second system and I love it, particularly with its remote volume control which I find quite handy in my particular application. It is not quite as bullet-proof as the X7/77/777 but is so close. This example looks like it has been really well looked after and is priced very reasonably I feel. It will also make a good transport for anyone wanting to run an external DAC. GLWTS 🙂
  13. This must be a bug I never caught. I inherited a 301 which I swapped for a pair of Orpheus 3.3 and Orpheus centre speaker and I currently have a TD124 with 9" SME in my possession which I will be selling on behalf of a close friend. I haven't been tempted to keep either of them. I do appreciate both of them for their engineering and I did cut my dj-ing teeth on a pair of 401s back in the mid 70s doing student radio.
  14. You have done a great job bringing this classic hi-fi piece back to being ready for a new working life. Well done! I am sure there will be someone who will cherish it and enjoy having a turntable a bit out of the current mainstream, even if in time they feel the need to replace/upgrade the cartridge/stylus. I think it is important that prospective purchasers are aware of the beauty of this Walker you are offering with its 3 point suspension and the Grace arm and Goldring cartridge combination. While it is a pity that the lid needed a little repair, your technique inspired me to use
  15. I have looked at both of these and have a bit of a yearning for the DP-300F. I am currently resisting the temptation though as I am downsizing and culling. I will leave myself with a little Technics SLBD20 with an Audio Technica p-mount cartridge that has an elliptical stylus. I have a Terratec iVinyl sitting in a box unused that I might get around to trying out for digital transfers. Thing is, I am playing so little vinyl at the moment that I just cannot justify outlaying much money on vinyl playback. So my thinking is that if, in the future, after my next move, I find myself with the ti
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