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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how often sales people feel the best way of competing with other brands and products is to denigrate or belittle them, especially from a position of ignorance. (I am not suggesting that niterida has done this, rather they are relating an experience where they have experienced this.) Far better to say something accepting of another product and then to promote the features and benefits of the products they are representing. Maybe if it happened enough in this part of real life, politicians, shock jocks, and other media commentators might get th
  2. Amazing what the camera reveals. Worth giving everything a wipe down. This should work as suggested. Then use a soft polishing cloth perhaps to give it a final wipe over. Don't rub too hard, especially on the perspex/clear plastic parts, as you could leave cleaning/polishing swirls. The speaker cabinets should clean up quite well. Typically, I would use Mt Sheen and a soft cloth. You might want to try cleaning with a general purpose spray cleaner first to get the bigger marks off. Don't over do any of the sprays. The cat-signatured speaker grille might come up wi
  3. Ooooooo drool! I don't remember these. They do look very tasty in the birds eye maple. If I was cashed up I could be seriously tempted. I did sell quite a bit of the Mirage Omni range but mainly the Omnisat gear and I use a pair of Omnisat V2FS and 3 Omnisat V2 satellites in my family room tv surround system. It works brilliantly for what it is, running off my Sony STRDN1050 receiver. I love that there isn't just one perfect seat in the room and the family enjoy it when they visit. It does a great job on music videos with the wick wound up a bit and is also good with background music in
  4. Totally agree. I was working in a hi-fi shop in Canberra when Onkyo was released in Australia to the general market after having been an exclusive brand to Myers which had limited its range and distribution. It took a bit of time to get some traction in the market and for us as sales people to get comfortable with it. The older kit is good, honest, entry level gear from its day. It would be good to dig out the turntable and check out its belt if it is belt drive and have a look at the stylus and cartridge and see if they are intact. They will probably need replacing but that w
  5. Miranda HiFi was a chain of corporate stores built up by Peter Gow, Elle McPherson's dad. I believe there were perhaps 2 franchise stores of which Canberra was one. When Miranda Hifi corporate was bought out by Brash's so they could expand into the Sydney market they didn't take the Canberra shop because Canberra wasn't in their plans at the time and it was a separately registered business so it could continue to trade as Miranda. That's as I recall it but I may have an imperfect recollection.
  6. I believe it was a relatively short term arrangement for "convenience" although the 2 shops assisted each other with stock issues and availability for some time after that.
  7. I have found this a most interesting discussion to read through. I know all the characters, shops, and history quite well and it is interesting to see everyone's thoughts, opinions, and recollections. Duratone has had other shops over the years including Sound Set in Mawson which I recall being run by Brian Eardsley. He may well have been the original owner and Fay and Charles bought it off him and let him continue to run it. I know he worked in the office for many years and was heavily involved in Duratone Imports. They also had a shop in Belconnen for a short period. I think it w
  8. Yes, it was in Manuka in an arcade. The building was going to be redeveloped and the access was going to dramatically change, giving very limited access for stock in and out, and even worse was going to have almost no visibility to customers. It had not been trading all that strongly at that time so Fay decided to close it down which was a hard decision for her. She tended to be a bit of a hoarder so she hung onto everything and everyone, including shops. However, the reality of the situation made it untenable to continue, the decision was made, and I was the last person to remove the last ves
  9. These are from Sony's ES series which is their elite product. As the logo on the side indicates, they are an ED product which means extended range, i.e frequency response, which Sony promoted to go with SACD and it's extended range over CD. These are really a satellite speaker intended to be used with a sub-woofer and/or as rear speakers. Here is a link to an article about the range when it was released in 2001. Widescreen Review Webzine | News | Sony Debuts New Speaker Designs To Support Today's Home Entertainment Lifestyles A well-engineered product and probably un
  10. I wish! It is a PMA550 and it is a bit rough around the gills. It has had some storage issues resulting in it having a bit of corrosion - but I seem to have fixed that for the most part with the exception of the phono stage still being a bit dodgy in the switch contacts intermittently. Might make a good garage or garden amp in my next life adventure.
  11. Greets Jono I just had a good look at the one I have loitering on a shelf in the garage and I checked for some sort of catch or locking device for the lid and I can't find one. It just lifts up but the springs in my one aren't holding it up any more. Maybe the hinges in yours are jammed. Please be very careful with the stylus. It does not come off like a normal moving magnet and is not user replaceable. It is a whole cartridge replacement and they are very expensive, probably more than the machine is worth. To my great disappointment, my stylus is snapped off and I have
  12. If memory serves me correctly, Scandinavian Research was a house brand for Miranda Hi Fi when it was under the control of Peter Gow, father of Eleanor Nancy Gow a.k.a. Elle MacPherson. They were a reasonably decent product for that part of the market. Too good for the dumpster, certainly worth a few dollars for the components.
  13. All good loudspeakers require appropriate speaker cables. Van den Vanker Kabel are excellent for a range of general purpose bits of spaghetti. I also quite like Velocity Cable for some applications. Apparently their bright red colouring makes them go faster.
  14. Greets. The RMB1066 is a 6 channel amp i.e. 6 x 60w. It has the capacity to operate in bridge mode where you can bridge each pair of amplifiers and achieve 3 x 150w. However, the drawback here is that it means your speakers need to be of a higher impedance normally. I this case, Rotel specify a minimum of 8 ohms in bridge mode. If you use lower impedance speakers, you risk the chance of over-heating the amp and damaging it, perhaps blowing output transistors. Not a good option. My suggestion is to do the bi-amp setup as it will give you quite a good sound and in reality you are
  15. Definitely an excellent price. They look in fantastic condition and the stands included are also a great addition. As a Paradigm wholesaler and retailer in a previous space time continuum, I can vouchsafe that this is value with a capital V ?
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