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  1. Anthem AV have analogue volume control. This was confirmed direct from the Anthem themselves when I enquired. So I assume Anthem only sell 1% of the worlds AVR's and no other manufacturer offers analogue volume control. Manufacturers are offering the consumer a choice, If said consumer chooses to run it through a digital volume control AVR that is their choice. I am assuming that you did not buy your blueray players based on the fact that they had 7.1 analogue outs, they had other features/choices that appealed to you, which other consumers wouldn't really care about.
  2. Nice review. I hadn't heard of it but you have piqued my interest, I am going to look for it. Thanks
  3. https://www.swamp.net.au/microphone-cables/ https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/collections/balanced-xlr https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/xlr-interconnects/
  4. I'll take them if still available. Thanks
  5. https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au
  6. Never managed to get through one of he videos to the end. I have tried, but he just waffles on too much. I wish sometimes, he would just cut to the chase.
  7. He is calling the ad to the attention of another member, In this case @djb
  8. Just PM Micheal @statman and give him your serial number. As for shipping the amp back to WA for XLR output, I wouldn't bother, either use adaptors or get some RCA-XLR cables made up. I have used both solutions for my Supratek and I have never had an issue. @muriwai is correct. Black switch on left is the loading for MC phono stage. At least is is for mine. P.S. Welcome to the Supratek family!
  9. Thanks for posting the video. It seems to be quite a stark contrast! As a new gamer I never would have realised. Is this the start of the gaming "loudness wars"?
  10. Hi Ross The generally accepted advice is to have a listen to both sets of speakers and decide for yourself. What someone likes in a speaker may be the polar opposite of what you enjoy. Also buying second hand can dramatically increase your bang for buck, but it's probably easier if you know what you are looking for. What made you interested in these two specific speakers? Budget? Looks? Reviews? My personal opinion is take reviews of audio gear with a grain of salt. For members to more accurately give you some advice what speakers may suit your goals you need to specify what are your goals. Hifi or Home Theatre, what sort of music do you listen to? How loud? How big is your room? What amplifier are you going to use to drive the speakers? What is your budget? etc etc.
  11. Hmmm, bit of a loaded question. Best brands in regards to what? Best value for money? Best sound quality? Best picture quality? It would be a little easier to make suggestions if you offered more information. What are you trying to achieve? Hifi? Vinyl? Digital? Home theatre? Projector? 5.1, 7.2 Atmos?. I will make the assumption that you are referring to building a Hifi system. If this is the case, do you own any equipment yet? What music do you predominantly listen to? Room size? Volume levels? Does it have to be acceptable to the wife sense of style? What source are you intending to use? Is it a multi purpose room or dedicated listening room? Budget? If members here reel off "their" favourite brands I would wager that it would be no help to you at all. Most likely all brands will be mentioned, because the brand engages that particular member for the own particular end goal in their particular budget. Tell us your end goal. BTW Happy new year, a great hobby you are about to get sucked into.
  12. My way of doing it would be Pick your speakers first, listen to as many different brands of speaker in your price range or a little higher. It's fine to google speakers, but until you sit down and audition them for yourself, it generally means nothing. Once you find a speaker that does it for you, work out what you like about it. 3 way? Great bass? ribbon tweeter? Then audition similar speakers. Do not rush the choosing the speakers part. They all have their own strengths and weakness's. Find a pair that you like, not what the salesman wants to sell you, or what John Doe on SNA says is the best speaker for your money. Do not rush this step. Audition speakers till your are sick of it, the a couple of pairs more. Once the speakers are sorted, audition an amp to drive the speakers well. Most amps will drive speakers, but some amps will drive your chosen speakers better than others. Certainly once you have your speakers chosen, plenty of experienced members will offer suggestions of what amps will drive your speakers well. Personally I ripped my CD collection a while ago, I run my music from a NAS with a 8 year old Mac Mini and invested in a DAC. I am not saying CD players are obsolete, but I find running from a hard drive much more convenient. At this stage I would say stay away from vinyl, unless of course you have an existing record collection. You would be better off spending the money getting the basics of your system nailed down, before embarking on the vinyl slippery slope. If you wanted specific advice on what speakers may suit then it would be advantageous to specify room size, type of music you generally listen to etc. etc.
  13. Start smashing the ban hammer. Job done! When the "civil" members leave due to the brow beating, opinionated, minority the forum is lost.
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