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  1. Yes I am aware. Well if you believe that ignoring emails and being put on the back burner when all that is required is to box, invoice and send is acceptable then ditto. Great news!
  2. This was not the case for me. It was as simple as an online lodgement of a complaint and then a couple of emails, when I needed assistance with an Australian HiFi manufacturer who decided his best plan was to ignore my communication. Once the vendor decides not to reply to emails and palms you off during phone calls with “promises” what does the vendor seriously expect you to do? So unexpected work from a “well known” manufacturer trumps @Interfaceand @Felix.. repairs, which just have to be boxed, invoiced and dispatched?That’s a pretty sad look for Elektra.
  3. Contact fair trading in Victoria and lodge a complaint . Let them take it from here. Save yourself the grief.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, I don't have Spotify so wasn't sure. It's a fantastic bit of gear.
  5. The review is incorrect when it says "And when I say you will ‘need’ to load the app, it’s actually compulsory: you can’t use the U1 Mini if you don’t have the app loaded". I don't have the Lumin app installed and Roon picked it up straight away. Possibly if you want to use a particular streaming service (ie Spotify), you may need the app.
  6. If it's the thread I think it is, my understanding was it was closed at the OP's request. The "knockers" who constantly invade threads and spout the same opinion just get blocked. They generally have nothing new to say and just repeat their stance ad nauseam. No loss as far as I am concerned.
  7. Unfortunately my current 13" MacBook Pro (2011) has a failed logic board. Totally my fault, liquids and electronics don't mix. I agree with your point. I do not enjoy being a beta tester for manufacturers. However, what makes me pause, purchasing a current Intel 13" 2020 MacBook Pro is the apparent shortcomings of the Intel chips which leads to imo, very poor thermal efficiency. 95 degree C running temperatures can surely only lead to reduced hardware life, and when a manufacturer chooses to throttle the chip as a cooling strategy, well, it makes me wonder.
  8. In the market for a MacBook Pro. Just wondering if it worth waiting to get one with an Apple Silicon (ARM?} processor. The consensus on the net seems to be they will be released by the end of the year.
  9. I always insert in brackets where I am, (Perth), in the title of my for sale ad. I think it helps prospective buyers I appreciate it when other do likewise.
  10. Apollo HiFi are advertising that they will be coming in Walnut soon. Not sure if that helps. I know Frank Prowse HiFi have ELAC in their range. Maybe worth dropping past.
  11. Lumin sell a few products, the mini U1 is just a streamer, but they do have options that have inbuilt DAC's and indeed amplifiers. I found it a little confusing at the start, but since I already had a DAC that I am happy with, it made it a lot easier to narrow down what would suit me. I own a L-550ax in my second system. I was actually was going to take pictures of it yesterday, and put it up for sale. When I turned it on, to take pictures with the VU meters lit, I instantly changed my mind. It sounds that good. (To me anyway). I don't think you would go wrong buying a Luxman i
  12. Hi Alex More information required. Price range? Do you want a one box solution or would you prefer separates? What are your streaming requirements? Tidal, Spotify, NAS, airplay? I have just recently heard a Lumin U1 mini in my system and was surprised how good it was. The software I couldn't really get on with, and so I just use Roon. Maybe have a look at the Lumin range and see if anything peaks your interest. I have also heard good things about the InnuOS Zen Mini/Zen/Zenith range but I have not experienced them myself.
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