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  1. @Ratbob Hi John, PM me your address and I will post you a Bluesound Node. https://www.bluesound.com/products-archive/node-gen1/ Try it out with your usb playlist, or just have a go with the internet radio. It will give you a feel for things. No obligation, if you don't like it sell it on SNA and donate the proceeds to SNA. No harm no foul.
  2. REL and SVS seem to be pretty popular. I have a SB1000 that suits me, they come up second hand on here now and then, but generally don't last long. I found the issue was not buying a sub, but integrating it properly with my mains was the issue. Takes some work. Maybe when you get a few more posts up, you could search the classifieds or post a WTB thread. S/H will offer more bang for buck.
  3. Yes Yes I would like to think so. You are going from an 8" driver to a 12" driver, ultimately it will be up not you decide whether the improvement is worth the dollars you spend,
  4. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/316699-fs-naim-ndx2-streamer/?tab=comments#comment-4573550
  5. If you are not a metal fan look away.
  6. Further information: Minidsp DDRC-24 with remote. Dirac licence easily transferred. I used this to intergrate a sub. Then I changed preamps and gave the sub the flick. Literally used less than 2 weeks. Suit new buyer. I work FIFO so please be patient regarding replies Photos:
  7. Further information: Supratek Cortese Preamp. RCA inputs, HT Bypass, Phono, Tape loop, 2 outputs. Prefer to sell locally as I do not have boxes, but if you are interstate and interested feel free to register interest. I work FIFO, so don't expect instant replies, please be patient. Photos:
  8. Thanks. So do you have an opinion on if the plating would get worn out?
  9. Great. So it's not soft? https://www.sciencefocus.com/science/why-is-gold-called-a-heavy-metal-despite-being-soft/
  10. Not sure, but I know that gold is extremely soft, hence they can create gold leaf less than a micron thick. Personally I think it would not take much to wear it away. Depends how pure the gold plating is I suppose..
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