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  1. Awesome amp for the price. Puts out a lot of power
  2. Hi all I was lucky enough to get a home demo of the Contrast Audio Model One bookshelf speaker. Firstly the Bookshelf retails at $2,900, and is relatively small in size, but it does pack a punch! If I was to describe these speakers in the shortest possible way I would say "Agile, punchy, neutral and Accurate". At this price point I was very impressed. They are awesome for music that is dynamic and can handle even the most hectic fast paced metal music, whilst at the same time still sounding great with simple acoustic musical pieces. If you have a budget of >$3k and are looking for a bookshelf or compact speaker, this should be high up on your audition list and up for serious consideration. In my extensive auditioning of speakers I found them to go toe to toe with some options considerably more expensive from the likes of Dynaudio and others. Simply put, if you want an agile, dynamic and accurate performing bookshelf, check our the Contrast Audio Model One. PS: Reach out to them , they are lovely and helpful people and can be found here on the forums
  3. Thanks everyone for suggestions and help. I got covered by an old friend 😊
  4. PS: I am totally happy to pay for the USE and cover all shipping charges.
  5. sure that’s probably a good idea Amplifier: Levardin ISX DAC: Chord Qutest
  6. Hi all, I just got some speakers, Harbeth 30.1, and my amplifier and DAC is 3 weeks away. Is there anyone that happens to be able to rent me some decent gear? happy to provide full identification or anything else as a safety measure.. I’m located in Sydney. would just be nice to have some gear so I can listen in the mean time... Feel free to PM me.
  7. These are absolutely fantastic speakers for the price, I would highly recommend them. At this price for a stand mount they are pretty much unbeatable if you are after neutral presentation and musicality.
  8. Levardin isx or isx reference depending on first or second hand. they should pair very very well with the KEFs
  9. Thanks mate ill check it out! Have you heard the ATC, ProAc, Hulgich, PMC or ? I kind of want a calibration for the S400 against the likes of those guys
  10. I heard the Nina, I think the Serenade might be my go to as it’s less expensive but still is Sid to have a similar sound profile, not being quite as good tho
  11. It just was the natural sound and airiness of them. It’s one of those things where you just stop and enjoy the music. i night have to put the Hulgich in the top spot though, heard them yesterday and they were beautiful
  12. They have got into contact with me, look forward to hearing them
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