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  1. One of the most accurate speakers I’ve ever heard. AmaIng for jazz, classical and acoustic music even EDM. i would buy if I wasn’t leaving as soon as the ban is done just make sure your giving it good jusic because if your music has distortion you’ll hear it more than ever
  2. Further information: Purchased at Minidisc in Chatswood about a month ago and am very satisfied. They sound great even out of your phone (much better out of a good DAC, I used the RME adi 2 DAC). comes with All original packaging and a receipt too. i was a cable skeptic but after trying the full effect audio range and noticing differences with all of them, this was the one. It is clearly noticeable with improvements. Wider soundstage, more detail, better separation, more air in the treble RRP = $4,718 U12t = $3,299 Leonidas cable = $1,419 to me they are the BEST IEMs and I prefer them to the u18 or tia lines. I am happy for you to audition them if you bring your own ear tips. theres no way I would sell them if I didn’t need extra money to sustain myself over the next few months. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. I really wish I was staying in Australia right about now
  4. Oh man I really wish I wasn’t moving to Europe. I was so close to buying these as another pair to have with me 30.1s. Go great with my Lavardin amp too
  5. Yeah I agree that they are an improvement on the 650. The Focal headphones probably do a better job at delivering the total package from sub bass to crisp highs it’s just the midrange where they just don’t win me over. although I did have utopias once upon a time and did love them after changing the earpad and carefully pairing them
  6. Yeah it’s the same driver I believe just minor tweaks and different housing. I owned the HD700 7 years ago .It’s definitely a little less peaky in the treble and warmer overall. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for each persons own ears to decide
  7. I have been into head-fi since my teenage years and have owned many Senn cans and constantly am auditioning at MiniDisc. I recently gave the HD660s a proper listen through the REM adi-2 Dac and have to say for me this was by a long way the best muscial experience I have had from a Sennheiser headphone. It does sound great out of some other amps and DACs, but the RME just opened them up and let them "breathe" in regards to the sound signature and the soundstage. Sure the 800s has a wider soundstage (not neciserily more precise with placement) and is more"analytical" but it also is a little metallic and cold. It has you analyzing your music like a science project rather than emotionally engaging and getting lost in the music. I also will say the 800 does the sub bass much better and the regions above say 10-12k better. BUT most of the music lies in the mid-range. This is where the 660s is really just magical (If you like mids to be more forward, kind of like front row seats rather than 10th row seats at a concert). Anyways I am interested to hear some opinions
  8. if you enjoy the HD 650 I would defiantely check out the 660s, once they burn in and the pads soften they really get rid of that veil that hides detail. You enjoy soudnstage and imaging well these things significantly improve those aspects. The sound is a little more snappy and less warm than the 650 tho. It pairs great with the mojo too. I would also encourage you to check out: top recomendation Aeon 2 open back (even the aeon 1): It is just an amazing all-rounder that is very very hard to fault in any capacity. Hifiman Ananda (not sure if you will give these enough juice to shine from a mojo..) Hifiman sundara ( step up in terms of scale and sounstage width than the 660s, places less focus on the vocals and mids and gets you to step back and view all the other instruments and pieces going on)
  9. I think the Questyle amplifiers are great they can power absolutely anything and even their DAC is surprisingly good considering the all in one nature. I would say if it had some kind of signature in sound it would be leaning neutral-warm. I think the clear and the questyle pari quite well HEad in to MiniDisc in Chatswood and you can audition a bunch. They are super friendly and give great service
  10. Item: Lavardin isx Integrated Amplifier Location: Frenchs Forest, NSW Price: $2,300 (RRP: $4200) 2.5k is 60% of the value Item Condition: As new, 3 months old with less than 2 months use Reason for selling: Moving to Europe in 8 weeks time. Very regretful sale, this amp was chosen after countless months of auditions. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Practically new, this amplifier won a shootout for me against amplifiers in higher price points from brands such as Hegel, Naim, Mcintosh, Rotel, SimAudio. It is extremely neutral, articulate and detailed. It practically "disappears" I haven't heard a company that I felt could make an amplifier so clean in a way it doesn't impose on your music or your speakers. This isn't going to add warmth or cool down your gear just present it exactly as it is. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Just the amplifier to sell. Lavardin isx RRP $4,200, 60% of that is $2,500. I'd be happy with around that figure even though its brand new practically
  12. Hi all so the only items remaining are the: Lavardin isx amplifier & The speaker cables. Speakers, DAC, RCA, stands have all sold
  13. I know that Harbeth mostly use Lavardin to demo all their speakers at shows. if you are in Sydney I’m happy to come arround and you can demo for an hour or so
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