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  1. Not quite up there with the Pathos inPol ear (but that is 3x the price) but it was a good match with the D8k pro due to the fact it got rid of that slight dryness to the tonality. The soundstage really get a lot more depth and width too which is enjoyable. Very sweet sounding, preferred it to the WA22 with my set up at home.
  2. I didn’t expect the large volume of messages. im honouring first message first and I’ll work through from there
  3. Further information: stock tubes included, I didn’t roll into other tubes. Any questions just ask, It’s a great amp at this price point only purchased a few months back from A2A Photos:
  4. I’d have snapped these up if I wasn’t moving to EU after Covid lovely speakers, very hard to beat for the price, just make sure you give them an amp with plenty of juice
  5. Further information: I am a big fan and actually did a review and went on to acquire a special edition fancy wood version. For me these are by a wide margin the best closed back headphone available. If you love lush sounding midrange with great detail and outstanding tone and timbre look no further. These are only a month or so old. https://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/verite-closed I can ship, insured express for FREE AUS wide. I'm open to sensible offers. Thanks guys. Also included a high end balanced cable from Norne. The SC3, pure silver cable. It defin
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