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  1. What are the brand of the ceiling treatment? Looks great.
  2. Where is your accuphase dac? I’m using Aries g1 linked to an old accuphase cdp with rca cable, sounds pretty good to me if your system is fully balanced then I suppose aes/ebu should be the best option.
  3. I have 4*4 and I put four big bass trap into the room and significantly improved the bass issue, so it’s doable not end of the world 😀
  4. quasimodo amp is a nice sounding amp, but may not have enough current to get the most bass from your speakers. Try borrow a bigger amp and test?
  5. Yeah I agree, my system has 50% increase after reds or beers.
  6. Still looking, for MFSL version please.
  7. This is a decent cinema setup! I suggest people buy the whole package.
  8. Yes Dave’s system sounds nice and big. Impressive bass as well.
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