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  1. So the second system is Focal 1038BE GAIA 1 isolating feet Gryphon Pandora preamplifier Passlabs 260.8 monoblocks Ayon Dac Naim Core as a storage and player Clearaudio turntable Goldnote phonostage Isotek power cables High Diamond 8 speaker cable
  2. So this is the complete system back May 2020, quite some change since my first system! Happy days. I also started room treatments. Those setup were temporary and has been changed since.
  3. How to not try turntable on a music journey? My choice is Clearaudio performance pack and goldnote pre. The dynamic and analogue sound easily win my digital system. And thanks for my son, I also have a lego turntable.
  4. If you remove everything plugged to it, is there still any noises?
  5. Very impressive! Would like to try PAD Dominus one day.
  6. No rest for audiophile's pace. The next addition to my system is the Gryphon Pandora two boxes preamplifier - actullly four-chassis with total isolation of left and right channels on separate chassis and dedicated dual mono power supplies in individual chassis to protect the audio signal from any interference. At a time my system contains lots of black boxes
  7. I clap in my room all the time just want to confirm again and again
  8. should have less echo then before, so treble may not sound bright.
  9. And the beautiful blue. I actually consulted Desmond from passlabs before making the purchase decision. 260.8 or 350.8? For better sound image I decided to go with 260.8. It also stays in class A longer.
  10. And I thought they were my end game system 🤔
  11. Hi Tony, my room is only 1/4 of Chanh's. So hard to hold a GTG. But you are welcome to come for a listen if you'd like, PM me and we can discuss this
  12. Easy, everything started from end of 2019 and everythings' been changed since. No we are not there yet 😂
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