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  1. I’d insulate your garage, add vent or get aircon etc. or even redo the whole lot convert it to a professional music room. See topics attached above.
  2. Yes they even talked about change cable for better sounding! How good is that.
  3. Netflix titan season 2 has some turntable... nice and easy and get the girl dance
  4. Hi Marc welcome. And would like to see you cool stuff listed.
  5. Sorry Darren I’m trying to compare streamer. Did you use a different streamer before getting the N100? Do you find N100 is a step up? Sorry my question is confusing
  6. Streaming to be specific. For example compare PC link to Ayon dac and the N100 to Ayon. Would you find N100 better in online and local streaming?
  7. Hi Darren do you find the N100 improve sq significantly? Interested to know.
  8. This is a bargain I was looking for aria 9 series but it cost 6k+ at the time. Focal is brilliant even at low volume, so clear and transparent. And it can be used for home theatre easily.
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