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  1. If you enjoy music, get a proper pre-amp and amplifier system. Balanced or not actually doesn’t matter much, more of a sale jargon. Lots of people prefer unbalanced (RCA cable).
  2. Yes mate I can hear them 😍
  3. It had beautiful midrange, flawless for vocals. A big tick for transparency, I’ve had so many people mention this word when listening to my system 😆
  4. Hi mate, they work so well in my room. What happened to your system? Seems shrinked a bit as per your signautre?
  5. yup X260.8. Which Magicos have you got?
  6. Another night listening session.
  7. I was lucky to listen to these cables before they are magical.
  8. wow this is delicious! A rare to find. Thi is a great gent to deal with, buy with confidence.
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