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  1. Thx. The phono is running through the speakers on the stands... the CD is running through the top speakers...so a bit of luck there with zero planning...never even crossed my mind...lol. Ima Nooooob.
  2. Slow Saturday, so thought I would share. I was inspired to build this after seeing a low-slung vintage timber fridge cabinet converted into an entertainment cabinet. After a lengthy search, I found a cabinet that needed a lot of work. The cabinet/fridge came out of the Bondi Hotel in Sydney; I gutted it, stripped the tar coating and went about bringing It into the 21st century. I fitted a 'foss" lining, LEDs and internal power board. My gear is nothing flash by standards here, but am pretty happy with the results...cheers.
  3. Hi Curtankerous... External : 1220mm wide, 505mm deep and 910mm high. Internal: 1080mm wide, 380mm deep. Top space: 340mm roof to midshelf. Bottom space: 425mm Midshelf to floor. The door openings are 490mm x 310mm.
  4. Item: Stereo Cabinet with album and/or wine storage. Location: Upper Coomera, QLD. Price: 1500 Item Condition: Antique restored Reason for selling: Forged motors costalotta Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or local COD Extra Info: I restored this over a long time. It's an old 4 door timber fridge from the Bondi Hotel in Sydney. I stripped and varnished the timber shell, and then lined the interior with foss {backless carpet...was a trimmer in another life}, and added heavy gauge angle for the mid shelves, which are galvanised racks. L.E.D. lighting was installed to the interior and a 6 way power board. All wiring has been hidden. I am at a loss for an accurate price and /or if this is even allowed to be posted here. It's a unique piece and was going to be my pride and joy display for my retro stereo and albums. The only reason I am selling is to help fund a forged engine rebuild....I never restored this with the Intention to sell.... a LOT of hours and $$$ went into this. Just sourcing the actual fridge was a journey in Itself. I am quite happy to help organise safe shipping or deliver within reason. Discussion is welcomed but If you want to negotiate, please, PM me and I will pass my mobile number on. Cheers for reading this far, have a great day. {racks not pictured, but happy to take some shots for an interested buyer}. I have added a price as requested. This is what it owes me with original purchase, materials and token hr rate. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I have fallen down the rabbit hole....not sure where this is headed but I am enjoying the ride. Have been building a vinyl collection around my youth. Looking forward to learning more about the hardware side of things. Cheers
  6. Videopro at Helensvale is a BW dealer. At Homemaker centre.
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