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  1. Further information: Current RRP $1,095 for the 2.0m factory terminated stereo pair Selling 2 pairs - Note the price here is per stereo pair and includes shipping for Australia & New Zealand. PM me with any queries I’m open to sensible offers - especially if you’re buying both pairs Reason for selling: - Poof of purchase available & Cables are in Mint Condition - The cables have been used for 3 months then stored in sealed boxes (so they’re run in 👌) - Selling due to changing my HiFi setup and therefore needed longer speaker cables Blue He
  2. Further information: Designed for low voltage MC cartridges Gain is set to 66dB Input impedance 150 ohms RRP when new ~ £1,300 or ~ AUD 2,300 Overview: The Audio Synthesis Passion phono stage is a simple design, with a high quality Linear Power Supply (separate box) connected to the phono pre-amp via a shielded cable and 6pin DIN plug. It is designed to amplify the very low level signal from the cartridge to provide a line level signal to use as input to the rest of the HiFi system (ie. a pre amp or integrated amp). And IMHO it does this job ver
  3. **PRICE REDUCED** This is a great sounding DAC/ Streamer. I’m happy to consider sensible offers ... PM me if you’re interested.
  4. *** Price Reduced *** I have 3 stereo pairs available. Ideal for anyone wanting to upgrade by bi-wiring or tri-wiring their speakers. PM me ... happy to consider any sensible offers 🤔
  5. Thanks for the various enquiries & questions already received on this unit. I’d really like to find a new home for this unit as I ‘clean up’ my spare gear. PM me with any offers 🤔
  6. The Kirmuss RCM is a great device. I use one myself. GLWTS ! For those interested, This is probably the best in-depth review incl. a useful discussion on chemicals to use in the RCM ultrasonic bath for best results. https://theaudiophileman.com/kirmuss-ka-rc-1-ultrasonic-review-part1/ and check his video on surfactants https://theaudiophileman.com/surfactant-buyers-guide-feature-youtube/ Well worth the research if you are into cleaning vinyl records or a newbie and keen to find a better cleaning method ...
  7. I’m only aware of Linn Radio and Linn Jazz that stream at a reasonable level online ... 320 bps ... 🙂
  8. Further information: Product Details: https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/row/en/products/archive/stream-magic-6-v2 This is the revised V2 of the unit and supports the Cambridge Audio mobile streaming/control app. Device supports wired and wireless networking. The pics below show the wide range of built-in interface options. I’ve owned this wonderful streamer/DAC from new, and it’s in Excellent-Mint condition. - For local buyers, I’d be very happy to demo the unit - I have 1 set high-quality RCA interconnects and would be happy to supply a set with the unit, f
  9. Further information: Current RRP $1,095 for the 2.0m factory terminated stereo pair. https://audioconnection.com.au/collections/nordost I used these cables in a tri-wire speaker setup (3 stereo pairs). Selling 2 remaining pairs. The price here is per stereo pair. PM me if you have any questions. I have proof of purchase from authorised dealer in Sydney (Jan 2019). Cables are in Mint Condition, only used for 3 months then stored in sealed boxes. I changed my HiFi setup and needed longer speaker cables. Product Link: https://www.nord
  10. I am pleased to say folks - I’ve found a Directstream with Bridge 2 in mint condition in Sydney 👌 First impressions ... WOW. Still need to play with interfaces as per the advice received here. Tks All.
  11. Tks the advice ... If I find a DS with Bridge2 would prefer that as an option on interfaces. My current streamer doesn't support Roon, and with a music server elsewhere in the house, my current solution is an RPi3 (as Roon endpoint), then S/PDIF coax into my streamer. I'm hearing good things about I2S, using a decent HDMI cable, so definitely more experimentation to do! ... that is, once I find a DS. Come on SNA community, who has a unit in great nic they are willing to part with?
  12. Great to hear the positive support for this DAC. Helps to know I’m on the right track. I have been running my trusty Cambridge Audio Stream Magic6 for many years and it has served me well. But finally time for an upgrade. I just need to land on the right unit now (still considering options) ... and introduce it to my other components 🙂 Cheers
  13. Item: PS Audio Directstream DAC Price Range: Fair market price, depends on condition & specs Item Condition: Very Good to Excellent Extra Info: Please PM me if you have a unit you’re interested in selling Would prefer a unit already fitted with a Bridge II Black or Silver, no preference Confirm that original box/packaging, remote available Can collect in Sydney, or willing to pay shipping for the right unit
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