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  1. Hahaha hell not I’m building horns they look bad ass but sorry boys not today I work 7 days 10-11 hrs then go home to 2 boys I don’t even have time to drink beer these days 😫 haha I have heard some bloke here go on about the 12” alpines are they worth looking into? Plus what would be the ideal box size? Would a box suited for a car do?
  2. Haha easy boys I’m new to this game haha
  3. Ok mate noted so what do you think I should run your opinion means a lot mate
  4. That was my original plan I really wanna do 2 ultimax 15” in my from corners that should get my room shaking
  5. That does look good man I’ll do some research but as I said not sure if the 18” will be a huge overkill for my small ass room.
  6. I did see this one & im not sure of the 18” would be an overkill I been dreaming about the Dayton UM15 only issue is the cost to get 2 out here in Perth but it’s definitely up there on top of my list.
  7. Haha that’s in my watchlist I want some serious bass will this thing boom I also wanna do twins mate
  8. R-28F floor speaker fronts R-25C centre R-14F rear speakers no real budget mate tbh I’m happy to go into high $1k depending on where I place it I should be able to go up to 500x500 cabinet size
  9. Do you need more info on the speakers I’m running mate?
  10. Room size 3.8 x 4.2 height is 2.4 metre mainly home theatre man but I also like to crank my music I’m running a Klipsch Reference 5.1 at the moment any help appreciated
  11. Hey guys I wanna know what you are subwoofer setups your building. Basically I wanna know what to build myself so many decisions I already have my inuke300 ready to go just wanna know what to build maybe 2 x 15” or even 2 x 12” let me know what’s worth building
  12. Hey guys needing help I got a nice JL Audio 10W6V2 driver & wanting you do my first DIY sub for my home theatre not sure if it’s an ideal drive but open to any opinions. I also have a inuke3000DSP so basically I wanna build one then when I get another put another sub in my room. Ideas are needed on box sizes, ported or sealed any help basically & how tf would I wire up the Inuke via the receiver port to the xlr cables I’m no expert here sport guys haha anyways please help thanks Wayne
  13. Hey man thanks for the input but I already have a 10” klipsch powered sub but I just want more bass & I figure the twin 10w6’s with 200-600w RMS will shake my house good just gotta figure out what pre amp I would need & how to basically wire it up.
  14. Hey guys so here’s my problem I got a nice 5.1 klipsch setup in my theatre room but instead of adding a new sub I have purchased a JL Audio 10w6v2 in the process of searching for a second one I just need some help choosing a pre amp to power both subs & how I would go about wiring them all up I have a onkyo TXNR515 7.2 receiver goes hard but I just want that extra bass help me guys I know there is so much experience out here already. Cheers Wayne
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