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  1. Query - if I should keep only 1 sub.. which one should it be? Dynamo 1100 or SVS? Recommendation I am getting is Dynamo simply because it will all be the same drivers (all speakers).. But getting mixed reviews as well.. getting another SVS 2000 and getting rid of Dynamo is couple of 100's extra..
  2. Thanks @WasM Already got it as it was a pretty good price Already got it as it was a pretty good price with a new extra bulb This is just the unit.. not sofa etc.. but yeah i have kept my eye out on the market I am considering to see how much I save not getting the ML Dynamo.. as the seller said package is cheaper for both for us. I do want to get and keep SVS PB2000 Pro.
  3. Thanks.. its the other way round. I do want to keep the SVS PB-2000 Pro . Seller said as in a package it's cheaper for him to get the Dynamo , if I remove it from the package it might not be worth it. He suggested to take it and sell Dynamo 1100 off if not needed or want another SVS as that might fetch me more money then replacing in current package.
  4. Thanks.. Is this something during the order I need to tell them? or comes with it and thus just need to config on install? Does this cost extra? Might as well order 600mm and then use less in config if needed?
  5. Sorry what do you mean by this? can you explain? I need to modify my 130" screen build from ST? Thanks Thanks.. its a mixed room so i can't put couch in middle. the actual viewing distance will perhaps become 4-4.5m. Hmm.. might be too much infront and blocking a sliding door on side. But will have a look. There is no rear floorstanding speakers but there is wall mounted ones and also 4 in ceiling. Its a Yamaha RX-V3085 - Not sure how good it is in that regards. Fair enough.. I did think of that. Got the ML sub in a package and removing it wasn't saving me money. There is an option to sell it as is and just use PB-2000 Pro as it should be enough for my room? Thank mate.. let me try just like that as I am no expert with any such audiophile gadgets. Maybe even 1 sub will give me a decent result. Just trying to figure out what cable lengths I should order for placement of subs. I am now confused if I should even bother keeping the ML sub and rather sell it (not sure what I will get for new one - even if it sells)
  6. So I am getting two subwoofers SVS PB-2000 Pro : Ported with dimensions 440mm(W) x 571mm(D) Martin Logan Dynamo 1100: Sealed with Dimensions 380mm(W) x 411mm(D) Room: 5800mm(L) x 3500mm(W) x 2700mm(H). Screen drop from a bulkhead which is probably going to 5500mm Reading few guides, it recommends ideally to have the two subs diagonal in the room if possible. I have a L shape couch with the end finishing at approx 3140mm and the wall is 3500mm. So gives me approx 360mm between sofa and wall. Neither will fit. So I will have to move the couch in-front to accomodate a sub at the back. Which will mean to move the couch at-least 600mm (depending on sub) + 100-200mm due to the curtain for it to close and not over the sub. So assuming 800-1000mm which means the sitting position has already lost a meter in a room which is length of approx 5500mm from the drop screen for 130". So makes the viewing distance roughly 4m or around for that screen size. So the questions are Should I put a subwoofer diagonally behind or just keep both in front? Which one should it at the back? Ported or Sealed? Or doesn't matter? If I put it behind the sofa, should there be need for it to have some space to breath right and can't stick the sofa right on the cone? Or just put the sub sideways and thus stick the sofa right to the sub? Should I put the 2nd sub in front (behind the screen as it drops) or in the middle of length of the room where the sofa ends (so a middle room sub and front room sub / back room sub) Just trying to see what size cable I need to buy depending on the position of the two subs. I can't try it right now due to the house not ready so trying to guesstimate it here. Otherwise I will have to buy maximum lengths cable (approx 15m to go around to back and another 10m for middle room placement) and then just warp up the waste if all in front room. I want to avoid really large cables and then waste on behind the cabinet if possible. Just becomes a mess. Attached guide from SVS for subwoofer placement
  7. Hey Folks After multiple threads and and a lot of thinking / budget and listening we've finally settled on this setup. Blew our budget but thought to be the right combination on hearing and seeing it Room: 5.8m(L) x 3.5m(W) x 2.7m(H) Speaker Setup: 5.2.4 Martin Logan Motion 40i Spk G-Black x 1 Pair Martin Logan Dynamo 1100 12" Sealed Subwoofer x 1 Martin Logan Motion 30i Centre Speaker G-Black x 1 Martin Logan Motion FX Surr Pair Black x 1 Pair Martin Logan IC8 8 " In-ceiling Speakers x 4 SVS PB-2000 PRO Ported Subwoofer Black Ash x 1 Screen: Screen Technics Electric Cinema 130" Motorised Drop Down (non tab tensioned) Projector: Sony VPL-VW270ES 4K Projector AVR: Yamaha RX-V3085 AV Receiver Blu Ray: Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Bluray Player Entertainment Unit: RVM Tauris Titan 2100 Black Some might say its a waste of money.. Some might say its too weak a setup. Just went with our judgement for this... But please feel free to comment Going to be a few months before setup and hopefully will post some pictures then Thanks for all your input
  8. Removing some other stuff (including PB2000 Pro Sub) from the package I am looking at Paradigm 5.1.4 would be approx $4000-$4500 Martin Logan 40i 5.1.4 would be approx $6500-7000
  9. Fair points guys.. not a dedicated room so trying to figure out bang for buck and keeping it for long.. The package with the subs are coming cheaper apparently as the store buys .. so recommended to keep the paradigm or ML sub or sell it off and buy a SVS sub.. just need to finalise between paradigm monitor SE or pay premium for a martin logan 40i package. But sub in any case in both will be SVS PB2000 Pro
  10. Thanks mate appreciate it.. One more query.. What will be better in terms of a package Paradigm Monitor SE Series Package or Martin Logan Motion 40i Series (probably $3000 more but worth?) but then the sub will come with it Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X So will become one sealed and ported sub?
  11. Thanks I thought so Really bad with tech specs but I knew PB2000 Pro are better Thanks.. I was thinking same.. But I guess - for my room size.. Do I really need another? Or ok with the 5.1.4 setup with PB2000 Pro?
  12. Hey Folks Nearly closing on a deal for a Paradigm 5.1.4 setup with a Yamaha RX-V3085 of mine. Was getting a deal of getting the Paradigm V12 Subwoofer with a SVS SB2000 Pro or a PB2000 Pro making it a 5.2.4 setup. Virtually minimal difference in price. Room: 5.8m(L) x 3.5m (W) x 2.7 (H) Usage: Mainly Movies / TV The queries I had in particular are 1) Do I require or need a 2 sub setup in the room? 2) If price is not a concern - which SVS to get? SB2000 Pro or PB2000 Pro if I keep both this and the V12. 3) If saying I should keep one sub and sell the V12 then which SVS to get / keep? SB2000 Pro or PB2000 Pro? 4) If I keep both - anything wrong with 2 subs of different calibre / company? Recommendation I got was to get a V12 and SB2000 Pro as dual. Or sell V12 off and keep SB2000 Need to decide asap.
  13. Thanks.. Interesting.. about $75 delivered for 2m.. Hmm..
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