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  1. Thanks mate looks awesome.. Yeah I might have to contact some local shops to figure out cost on build. I might like to replace front with mesh and insert subwoofer in it as well and keep on the ground (no extended legs) as the SVS/ other good subs are like 20-30kgs But sketch up is awesome!!! Will need to think more Any good designers here who could help would be great I was currently considering Tauris as this is the only one which I found which can take in V3085 Amp size
  2. Hey Folks!!! Have a mixed room with a projector and TV and going to be used as a general living area. Going to have a lighter colour blackbutt solid timber but will put some rugs down. We are wondering what colour should we do on walls, ceiling, skirting, etc.. Needs to pass the wife factor. Could anyone recommend any particular colours from Dulux range? My thought was to make the walls some kind of grey tone.. and use a lighter shade of that same grey on the rest of the house for a bit of continuity. I am not sure what colour can pass for ceiling but might have to be white or do that particular room say charcoal grey or something? But don't want to make the room too dark for everyday use if its dark grey everywhere in the room. I know I can't get best of both worlds so trying to have a balance. The screen will drop from ceiling in front of a mounted TV. Behind the projector will be a wall to wall curtain and was thinking to make that something in a dark blue tone to give it as a feature (this will be behind the projector and behind were we will sit). Do I need to go a different colour again on the wall where TV mounts? I don't want to end up spending extra on doing 3-4 colours in the room . What can be a right balance for the living room and then thinking of continuity of colour to the rest of the house as well? Any pictures will be great as well. Please suggest.. Thanks
  3. Looks awesome.. how much did it cost? How do you open cabinet? just pull out or slides? I guess IR / RF goes through the front oak boards easily? I have a logitech elite as well and a deep amp.. Might even get a side open bucket made for sub (not closed in front) Would love to see interior, back and dimensions to get some ideas!!! If you have your drawings and sketchup diagrams I might just get a clone made Would appreciate it
  4. Since I bought a V3085 and it doesn't fit my current unit. Also looking for a new one as it might not suit the new location. Saw these online: https://tauris.rvm.com.au/product/titan2100blk/ https://www.amartfurniture.com.au/winslow-65834/ (not black I know) https://www.amartfurniture.com.au/tangier-65936/ (not black) https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/S69299192/ Any good? or any other brand or look you can recommend? There is going to be no TV sitting on it as it will be wall mounted. Unit will be used to house the AVR and probably centre speaker on top of it or maybe inside if it fits but then will need to move AVR to another spot in the unit if possible. There is going to be a screen drop around it. Would prefer black in colour as it will go well with darkness during projector use and coffee table Please let me know any other recommendations or websites.
  5. This seems to be the comparison what I was thinking of getting v/s what I got https://www.zkelectronics.com/compare/yamaha-rx-a2080/australia/yamaha-rx-v3085/australia/ I am hoping V3085 gets all firmware updates and stuff.. Should I also care if neither had No Front Wide Channel Support ✖ ✖ No Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization ✖ ✖ No DTS Virtual:X ✖ ✖ No IMAX Enhanced ✖ ✖ No Auro 3D with Auro-Matic Upmixer ✖ ✖ No MHL Input ✖ ✖ No FireConnect ✖ ✖ No FlareConnect ✖ ✖ No Chromecast Built-In ✖ ✖ No DTS Play-Fi ✖ ✖ Does Not Work with SONOS ✖ ✖ No Multi-Channel Input ✖ ✖ No Pandora Should I care about any of these?
  6. well i did buy one thanks @bizzibee Not sure if it was worth it or not but I guess buy now think later... Came to less than $1600 I think for me with few vouchers and gift cards I had Just always vary about refurbs and stuff..
  7. Thanks What's the difference between V3085 and A2080/3080 .. Couldn't see V3085 on Aus Website Worth going for it? and refurb?
  8. haha... thanks better then i could have given hmm.. decisions!!!
  9. Thanks.. Yeah similar names are coming up.. just need to distinct between them Grandview Motorised Screenview ViewMaster Pro Entry Level Motorised Screen Screenview ElectriCinema Premium Motorised Screen Elite Screens Motorised
  10. Sorry you mean Yamaha 2080 was on special for $1850 or the Denon 3600?
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