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  1. Item: IsoAcoustics GAIA III Price Range: $150-200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: One of each Set Might also consider IsoAcoustics GAIA II and ISO-Puck Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Hey Folks Got a SVS 2000 Pro and Martin Logan 1100x Subs sitting diagonally in a room (roughly 3.5 x 5.8m). Couple of queries 1) ML is down firing config atm and at the rear (next to seating). Leave it as that or make it front firing? 2) Can't place SVS at the rear due to size and limitations. So currently infront and opposite the room and diagonal to ML - ok I guess 3) Both the subs + 2 x ML 40i floor-standing speakers are sitting on wooden floor - do i need specialised feet for all of them or default ones are ok? I was thinking like SVS Soundpath for the SV
  3. Thanks.. there are so many on their website.. Can you recommend a link?
  4. I've got a Martin Logan Dynamo down firing Sub which is dancing on the wooden floor What's a recommended Acoustic Mat to put under it ?
  5. Sorry what does that mean? is there a product you can advise and how to connect to various points? Is this a Bravia issue? I am also thinking worst case put a smart plug on the TV power which is turned off when projector is turned on?
  6. New cable branded one fed through the wall.. was working fine Under power i can only see the following settings Power Saving - Off (Current Setting), Low, High Idle TV standby - Off, 1h, 2h, 4h, 24h (current setting)
  7. Hmm... that seems to be working and holding atm.. but obviously not the ideal solution.. Not sure what the fix is.. remove it from ARC port of both TV and receiver.. or some other TV setting perhaps..
  8. Turned off Bravia Sync.. didn't happen for first 5-6 min.. then started again to happen every few min.. but the TV is definitely off.. turned it on and it had normal FTA channel showing.. so no mirror..
  9. Hey Folks The Setup 1) Yamaha RX-V3085 Receiver 2) HDMI Out 1 (ARC) - Sony TV 3) HDMI Out 2 - Sony Projector 4) HDMI IN AV2 - Apple TV All controlled by a Logitech Harmony Remote.. Now when I am playing something via Apple TV on Projector.. it seems to flicker and drop video and audio.. then comes back audio first and then video.. happens every few min.. What I realised was that if I turn on my TV as well .. then this does not happen.. The TV keeps saying no HDMI input.. but is on. If I turn if off the above again sta
  10. Hi Tony @Clarity Calibration Are you still around Melbourne? Had sent you a PM
  11. Hey Folks Looking for getting a 5.2.4 setup installed with a projector screen and projector. Also couple of TV's. Also calibration as well if needed. Have all hardware (mounts etc) and pre-wiring is done. What can be the expected cost? And any recommendation on a shop or individual doing this in Melbourne? I know COVID lockdown is there but planning to get it done after that.
  12. Query - if I should keep only 1 sub.. which one should it be? Dynamo 1100 or SVS? Recommendation I am getting is Dynamo simply because it will all be the same drivers (all speakers).. But getting mixed reviews as well.. getting another SVS 2000 and getting rid of Dynamo is couple of 100's extra..
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