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  1. Thanks guys.. yeah I had heard older sets of paradigm and fits in my budget but not finalising on units yet just looking for answers to start with build time
  2. lol.. i said in the post that this picture is for colour scheme and not my house Thanks for the other tips though.. figuring out as we go.. if someone can answer my bullet points in previous post that will be helpful for me to begin with for build Looking at this speaker set Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F Floor-standing Speakers Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C Centre Speaker Paradigm Monitor SE Atom Bookshelf Speakers Paradigm H65-R 6.5” In Ceiling Speaker Paradigm UltraCube 12 650w 12” Subwoofer Do no speakers go behind the projector / sofa? All go in front with the ceiling speakers on top?
  3. Just seeing.. I don't really need a bulkhead as the screens come with ceiling hanging brackets as well? And most of the ones I saw have power to the right for wiring? And these motorised ones with IR remote - I am guessing we can integrate with Harmony Elite Remote?
  4. Thanks.. that is the plan.. Never heard of them.. will look into it thanks Well this is what we were wondering on if I should keep or not? That means I will need to do a bulkhead to drop the screen infront of it? Just figuring out if I should or not. We are hoping to put that in. Thanks.. Will look into grand view motorised if they are good. Yeah ALR will be too expensive for my budget Thanks for the tip.. brush plate I will consider That's what I want to know.. where projector mounts.. 1 x power, 1 x HDMI and 1 x ethernet should be enought? 4 x top ceiling sports for the atmos speakers and 2 x side of front wall for standing tall speakers and 1 x center and 1 x sub? haha.. I always try that.. wife says sometimes too much Have that already and running Plex I did forget to mention that i do have a current setup which is an old Yamaha amp and 5.1 speakers. small room. So do have some idea on such things but obviously no expert or up to speed with what's in market. I am not an audiophile and thus just trying to understand currently during build as it is a townhouse and will probably be difficult or messy to do wiring after build In this space - to go projector or not? Wiring needed and spots to do so. How to terminate them in wall at each location? To Keep TV and not to keep. I won't want to spend money on new one as current one is 65" X95G which is pretty new. Concerned about viewing distance of 4.5-5m but won't spend to get a bigger TV. Rather spend it on the setup. To do a bulkhead to get the screen out and drop infront of TV or not to keep and just attach it to wall Where would i need power for motorised screen? top right or top left or both sides? How does the wall colour look in the pic above? We think its right balance between daily use living room + dark room movies. 5.1.4 should be enough for this room / me thus wiring for it? I do understand I can get the gadgets and add later which I intend to in Q1 2020 but these above things are needed to be decided now and talk to builder about them. BTW he is a great guy (one man company) and won't cost an arm length to get stuff done so we need to lock these things (and other such during build issues).
  5. Going through a build and looking to see what system I should get and wiring for it Size: 3.6m (W) x 5.8m (L) x 2.7 (H) approx. Sitting Distance: Approx 4.5m Room Usage: General Living Room + Theatre / TV Room. Townhouse and room in ground floor so pre-wiring will be important for access. Window: Towards the back - behind sofa / projector location. Plan to put curtains but would be open during the day for some light. Colour Scheme: We were thinking of keeping it neutral being living room and across the home. Sample attached (not my house ) Budget: $10-$12000 AUD overall. Will be everyday usage to see Netflix / Disney+ / FTA and movies as well on Plex etc. Now I was wondering the following Keep TV and Projector or just projector or just TV. Current TV is 65" Bravia X95G Thinking 5.1.4 + Amp + 4K Projector + 120" Screen (?) Screen Should I go motorised as it will be a living room so idle to get it folded If TV then need to do bulkhead to get the screen infront of it? Recommendations? Tab tensioned? ALR screen too expensive? Speaker system Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F Floor-standing Speakers Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C Centre Speaker Paradigm Monitor SE Atom Bookshelf Speakers Paradigm H65-R 6.5” In Ceiling Speaker Paradigm UltraCube 12 650w 12” Subwoofer Amp - No idea - Was thinking Denon / Yamaha / Marantz. Model? Projector - No idea - JVC / Epson / BenQ Model? Thinking Apple TV 4K to play from Plex and other apps like Youtube / Disney+ (when it comes) / FTA (?) Should be sufficient or get a STB? What wiring and types for above? and to keep future in mind? Planning to buy the system in Q1 2020 unless you can tell me a great deal in Christmas. But trying to figure out wiring currently on urgent basis and setup type Thanks for your help
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