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  1. Hmm keen but I'm in Sydney which is a shame
  2. Hi everyone I've currently got a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze' speakers in my lounge room and I would like to add a sub to complement and complete the sound. This is for music listening only. Ideally I'd like to spend between $500 - $1000 (lesser the better), happy to buy second hand. I've been researching and reading as much as I can for music subs and think I have narrowed it down to the following which I am going to try and audition this weekend, have I got a good shortlist, is there anything I should add or remove? - SVS SB1000 - Rel t5i - Kube 8 - Kube 10 - ASW608 - ASW610 I've got a mix of 8" and 10" versions, that's because if I can get away with the smaller cheaper option and still meet my needs then that would be preferred. Keen to get any thoughts from those who have experience at this price point and end of the market. Thank you everyone.
  3. Thanks Hooked on Hifi, appreciate it. Now to begin the hunt Any recommendations on something good bang for buck to begin looking/listening to, would be greatly appreciated 👍
  4. What do you mean by this exactly? How do I look for this
  5. Another silly question, do I look for a passive or active one? For connecting to my AVR Thanks
  6. I don't know if 35sqm is considered small (for a sub), by small space I was more referring to the actually placement spot
  7. It's an open plan lounge and dining, about 35sqm all up. The only place I can really put the sub would be in a corner, unless under the couch
  8. Hi everyone I want to add a sub to my system. I current have a Yamaha HTR6068 receiver with a pair of Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers. I was looking at the Musiccast Sub100 however believe it's not compatible since my AVR doesn't have 5Ghz to connect yo the sub wirelessly. I can pick up the Musiccast sub 100 very cheap (~$200 new) so have the following questions 1) if I don't want to spend much more, is this good bang for buck even if I connect it using wires to the AVR? or can I find something better with a small budget (I realise I will probably be limited to second hand) 2) I don't have a lot of space so ideally would place something under the couch, does anything like this exist at the cheaper end of the market? Or a slimline that doesn't take up much room Thank you all
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