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  1. Microsoft have stated they have finished supporting Windows 7 but I am still receiving updates. I am not updating until l can purchase a new light weight ultrabook with 1TB SSD and 5G, hopefully later in the year.
  2. The increasing trend of online shopping appears to be firmly entrenched. The main advantage is that the manufacturer can grow its market and share the retail margin with the buyer to reduce the items cost. Bose appears to be the first to move across to only selling online in Australia. Who's next? The smart money maybe working on how a buyer can listen to Hi-Fi equipment over the internet with the same quality as in a studio, to see what to buy! One hopes that being able to listen to the quality of sound is essential in the online shopping model as it is in Hi-Fi shops - if it has to happen.
  3. Hi Admin Team, I have recently joined Stereonet and I would like to be able to sell some high end B&W speakers and an Electrocompaniet amplifier etc, if possible. My wife suffers regular migraines and unfortunately I have rarely been able to use my fantastic gear. I will be looking for new wireless equipment more suited to our situation and house layout. I look forward to your reply. Regards, Mark Elliott
  4. Sony has first mover advantage in this new technology and with normal development pathways commonly move to significant improvements to compete with existing mature driver technology built into the TVs. I agree with Whites and I don't believe it is designed to replace surround sound gear, which is at an extra cost anyway.
  5. I purchased a Sony KD55 A1 4K OLED TV last year and I have been very impressed not only with the quality of the picture (with a LG panel) using Sony picture processing but also the sound. Sony has been very innovative developing their new Acoustic Surface technology using the TV’s screen also as a speaker to produce sound. The innovation allows the sound to come from the source on the screen where the noise is produced giving it a strong directionality. The sound is also clear and balanced but does lack some bass. The latest Sony models including the A9G 4K HDR OLED TV appear to be continuing to develop this sound technology. My question is the new Acoustic Surface technology getting towards a sound pleasure quality that most of us do not need the surround sound gear to enjoy the total TV experience? Will this new Sony technology survive? I welcome your views.
  6. Music connects us together in a happy way including people from different cultures, languages and countries. Few things do this like music in this world of increasing economic and political volatility, poverty and selfishness. Enough of the ranting, thank goodness for music.
  7. Thanks for the welcome Rollen and Warweary I look forward to useful discussions on really good audio gear.
  8. Hi, Happy to join Stereonet to find out more about current stereo systems.
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