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  1. Thanks @gemini07 - I actually messaged JT again and he did say he'd be willing to open it up and share some pics.... $600 isn't a bad price I agree though - if anyone wants to go for it, it's still listed. I ended up going with one that came down to $750, purchased of the owner who bought it new in '78 or so. We had a good chat, I feel confident in it. @Wimbo I never think of asking for a warranty on used / vintage gear, but yes it's probably a fair ask on items claiming to be be in great condition. Thanks for all the input, definitely worthwhile.
  2. Yeah i can imagine without looking inside (not to mention knowing what you're actually looking at) it is hard to know what the true condition is! Even if the outside seems to be "immaculate"...
  3. Oh man,... the Inception of amp restoration. Maybe going the $600 one and getting @Tubularbells on to it is the way to go. The $850 one does seem to be slightly nicer on the faceplate though, not sure if that's a good omen for the inside...
  4. Yep they're the ones I'm looking at... And was debating the $850 versus the $600 one. I'll try get pics of them both. I think the Hallet Cove guy just couldn't be bothered more than was trying to hide something, but who knows....
  5. Thanks @mbz that's great info,.. 10-20 hours is a lot of labour and additional cost! But it does seem like an amp that's worth the effort by all accounts. I saw another 1122DC just got listed this week, but for $300 more than the one I was looking at which the seller mentioned has playing well but had some corrosion. The seller of the new one states its in immaculate condition, and the faceplate looks great. But with issues like the Sony glue and it being a 40+ year old unit, would it inevitably need a restoration anyway? Pay extra for a possibly cleaner u
  6. @mbz alas the seller said they wouldn't open it up again so can't get pics of the inside... The amp is a Marantz 1122DC.
  7. Oh that's fine, I wouldn't be in a rush! Just wanted to know I can get it done before committing to make the purchase. If baby back ribs are required that can also be negotiated though
  8. Hi all - I'm looking at buying a late 70s integrated amplifier that I've researched and know that I want. The seller has mentioned the amp is in good working order, but said there was some "minor corrosion" visible in some places when he looked inside. Is that an instant red flag and I should pass on it? Or something that's easily fixed with a service? Also, I see some amps for sale that mention they have been fully recapped. Can anyone advise roughly how big/expensive a job that would be? I'm based in Melbourne - if there is any recommendations for someone who can do
  9. @Analog Revenge Yes they are in immaculate condition and seem fairly well built! So it felt like they were worth keeping... even if it turns out to be a generic 1970s speaker model. I'll hook them up to the Luxman L1 and see how they sound
  10. Thanks everyone - yes that other thread seems relevant, thanks @pwstereo In terms of identifying its power, would that likely be on the driver? And is removing the driver as easy as removing the screws? (Actually, I'll google that one I have a Luxman L1 (35W) and a Pioneer SA5300 (10W) amplifiers, not sure which would be best suited. Thanks again, M
  11. Hi there, I've just been passed on these speakers which belonged to my grandparents. They have no branding and no information anywhere. They are blank on all surfaces. Could anyone tell by looking at them what they might be? And how many watts I might need in an amp to power them? Their dimensions are 42cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 68cm (H) and weight is perhaps 15kg, at a guess. They are a similar size and weight to my JBL L40s. I'm guessing they are 1970s era. Many thanks, Matthew
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