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  1. SNA Journeyman: I have an SL-QL1. The measurements of the turntable mat are 291+ mm in diameter (enough to fit down into the depression on the platter) and approx. 3mm in thickness. (I do not have a micrometer caliper on hand to do the exact measurement, but I did use a good quality steel ruler.) Unfortunately, my own mat has hardened so I have been looking for an alternative. One promising possibility is a " Way Excellent II Turntable Mat" from Herbie's Audio Lab which I intend to purchase and try. The reason(s) for recommending it are that it can be ordered in different diameters and thicknesses (including 292 mm and 3 mm) and, it is not rubber but the reviews seem to be quite good. The URL is: https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/turntable-mats/products/way-excellent-ii-turntable-mat?variant=12672063537207 Stewart Cameron
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