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  1. And I wouldn't be surprised if I managed that either But I have my other sub plugged into the same cable, so no. Matt
  2. Yeah. It's just you can buy these second hand for $200 - $250, so not sure it's worth it! Matt
  3. Hey folks. Recently my trusty old Richter Thor IV sub appears to have stopped working. I was using another sub on my system (Pioneer SC-LX57 is the AV unit) that is a bit less earth shattering for a time, but wanted to plug back in the Thor for some serious movie watching. It's really odd that I can't get any sound. The power light goes on when the signal from the amp is received, the amp heat sinks warm up, and if I move the phase switch I get the hum and crackle I would expect, so I think the amp part of the sub is working too. Could it be that the line inputs for the sub have carked it? The exact same power & audio cable, and output from the amp, are being used as for the other sub which works fine. I haven't tried hooking up an amplified signal to the terminals, but other than that I think I've tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas, or is it likely this sub is now just spare parts? Thanks Link to the manual - https://www.richter.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Thor-MK4-IB.pdf. Matt
  4. I think from all the feedback, and based on the situation, I skip the centre for now, and save up for the matching KEF centre speaker. Then I get a stand for the TV the KEF centre can fit under. Anyone know who would stock a TV stand to go on top of an entertainment unit? Thanks for all the help folks Matt
  5. I forgot to mention, everything needs to be fairly toddler proof. That's why that room ended up with book shelf speakers at the front Only in the parent's off limits to the kids lounge do I have my nice tall Wharefale Diamond 9.6s Matt
  6. Yeah I can't do any wall mounting unfortunately. It's only a 58" LCD TV though, and the weight isn't much at all. So that's a fair idea. The reviews on those Unicorns don't seem much chop though. I'm actually starting to think about putting the tv on a lowline stand and putting a nice centre under that at the moment. Then we get dead centre at least. Matt
  7. Won't fit the cabinet, and sadly out of my price range, but I think that's what I'll aim for to go with the other KEFs in the long run. Matt
  8. $200. Picking it up tomorrow. At that price it's a bit of a steal I think. Matt
  9. Hey Pete. Thanks very much for the offer. Unfortunately the guy selling them isn't available then and hasn't got anywhere safe to leave them. Matt
  10. Totally agree. But with work and 4 kids, unless I'm going on holidays I'm not getting near Bunbury any time soon unfortunately Matt
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I would like to be able to use it for movie duties though? And yeah the KEFs are to the left and right of the TV (about to mount them on some small isoaccoustics isolating stands). I had a feeling putting a basic centre in might be a backwards step. And you wouldn't recommend the PSB Sub Series 200 subwoofer? Matt
  12. Hi all. In my large family/dining room I've been building up a secondary home theatre system, which I've mentioned here before (I had to go book shelf speakers at the front due to the presence of a very active little toddler!). I have a Marantz NR1602 receiver, paired with a couple of KEF Q350s (almost went the Monitor Audio Bronze 2s but I got a nice price & a finance deal on the KEFs and I'm happy with them). The room already had some ceiling speakers which ironically sit in the right spots for rears so I have them hooked up as well (no idea of the brand but they're "ok", and this is a rental). Even with just 4.0 it's actually sounding pretty nice. So now I'm looking at a cheap second hand sub to fill in the sound a bit and have lined up a PSB Sub Series 200 at a good price, and am considering a centre speaker. My other half would really prefer the centre can fit in the av unit, which has really narrow slots unfortunately. It's a 13cm opening, although I might be able to get up to about 15cm in there, as there's a lip at the front and it's a bit higher behind. The slot is about 50cm wide and plenty deep. Choices for this kind of slot are pretty slim, and I suspect most will be lacking bass, but I want to see what is possible. Kef do a slimline centre, the KEF T301C, but getting it second hand isn't an option, and at $539 the cheapest I've seen will push the budget too hard I think. I've also seen the Canton CD 1050 at $549, but again the cost, and the reviews are not particularly great. I saw the Monitor Audio Radius 200 centre at $420. Perhaps the best bet I've found so far is the Q Acoustics 3090Ci at $399, does anyone have an opinion on these? Does anyone else know of some other decent slimline centre speakers they could recommend? Or am I best just sticking to 4.1 given I have the KEFs as left and right, and putting the centre in an AV unit slot is a compromise anyway? Thanks very much. Matt
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