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  1. I gave up waiting I sold it to a shop . I am in Victoria your in Perth can not work with that anyway .
  2. Having no interest can you tell me if your cd players were hard to sell ? can do a good deal on this let me know .
  3. Item: yamaha cds 700 Location:mentone Price: $300 ono Item Condition:good condition Reason for selling:bought new cd player Payment Method cash only Extra Info: I HAVE A YAMAHA CDS700 CD PLAYER FOR SALE selling because I have bought a new cd player the Yamaha is the same model selling in hi fi shops now new price range is $729 up . The remote control is included and two meters of Audio Quest RCA cable also have two XLR-- RCA 20 foot cables --two XLR 15 feet cables in the price which is $300 ono mentone area. PM for contact Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. $55.000 for a sound system do you think its worth it I use a Rotel power amp paid $700 in 1998 good to know its the same brand as yours ?
  5. Just had a look at Ittaku sound gear must run into the $1000s than he says cheap cables ok does not make sense to me .
  6. Why do a lot of pre amps have no bass and treble controls? if you what to increase that you need a graphic eq
  7. Can you tell me what the cost of this set up ?
  8. First I will introducing myself I have run a set of Tannoys gold 15 inch from 1979 back in that time these can be bought very cheap I did sell them for 5 times what I paid for them $525 ---got $2650 not bad for more than 39 year old speakers . Did not think today new price of around $20000 is worth it . I run now B+W 603 S3 new these can be bought for around $2600 if any one wants to post why the price of the Tannoys is ok tell me ---- I find the B+W better .
  9. To Ittaku I can not agree with you on buy the cheapest cables if you want HI fI not Low fi the cheapest are not hi fi
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