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  1. Unless I’m mistaken, I need the 2i which supports AirPlay 2 because I subscribe to Apple Music and don’t have plans to change in the short term. Yes I’ve been considering a computer connected via USB to the M5’s DAC. A second hand Mac Mini should do the job quite well.
  2. Objectively speaking, is the Node 2i worth the premium over something like the Yamaha WXC-50. I’m less concerned about features and their associated apps and more focussed on sound quality.
  3. The NAD is an impressive unit, but not in the budget at the moment. Good idea on connecting a computer to the M5Si’s DAC! Will definitely do that comparison.
  4. Thanks to @Hytram I now have a M5Si in my system. Currently it’s serving as a power amp only - being fed by the L&R pre outs of my Yamaha RX-V1085. The only way I’m able to play music is streaming to my AVR. I don’t have a CD player or TT. So my question is, will the Node 2i be a significant step up in sound quality as a streamer/DAC into the M5Si vs what they Yamaha has to offer? Speakers are Q950s but when they sell will become R3s. Also I should mention I subscribe to Apple Music and don’t have plans to switch to Spotify or Tidal, so any Bluesound App benefits aren’t that relevant.
  5. Many thanks to @jakeyb77 for connecting me with @Hytram who hooked me up with with a M5Si. It’s currently serving as a power amp only via the L&R pre outs of my AVR. Already noticed an improvement, particularly in the low end. Thanks again guys!
  6. Thanks for the offer. Hegel looks great but can’t do silver sorry. Decided against the Rega.
  7. Item: Monitor Audio BX2 Bookshelves and Centre Location: NSW 2113 Price: $600 ONO Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup / drop off - cash Extra Info: Bought these three speakers many years ago when setting up my first “real” HT and have enjoyed them immensely. The BX2s are currently serving as surrounds and the centre is unused. Time to move them along so I can get some KEF Q150s for surround duties to better match my new fronts and centre. All three speakers are in great condition and work as they should. Only real blemish I can see is on the cone of one of the bookshelves - see picture. Serious buyers are welcome to check them out in my home to make sure they work etc. I don’t have any boxes so strictly pickup or drop off. I travel for work as far north as Newcastle and as far west as Penrith, so happy to meet somewhere.
  8. Item: Speaker Stands Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: 560mm tall. I have spikes but can’t use them because I had to drill out one of the spikes from the previous owner. If you can get the remnants of that spike out you can use them. Pickup only - NSW 2113
  9. I have been looking at that, but the M5Si’s 150wpc is very enticing for my HT application.
  10. I’m assuming it’s silver? As vain as it sounds, I’m looking for a black unit.
  11. Even if I did keep the Q950s my budget for the integrated wouldn’t change.
  12. Really happy with my HT setup so now focusing on improving the two channel music listening experience. Looking for a stereo integrated that will do a better job than my AVR with vinyl and streaming sources. Current speakers are KEF Q950s, but when these sell they will be replaced with KEF R3s. Requirements: 1. Available in black. 2. Has HT bypass capabilities. 3. Will perform better than my Yamaha RX-V1085 when watching movies. 4. MAX spend is $3,500 (second hand is fine). It does not need a phono stage as this will be factored in when I purchase a TT. It also does not need a DAC or any sort of network/BT features. Thanks in advance.
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