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  1. It’s possible there’s a side to the BluOS software I don’t understand or haven’t seen, or don’t have a need for. But I truly don’t get why people rave on about it. Aside from using it to set up my Node 2i when I first got it, I don’t use it at all and don’t know why anyone would? Phone > Spotify Connect > Node > rest of system. Works every time and the family loves it.
  2. I’ll be getting one of Greg’s centres and have been told in no uncertain terms I can have any finish as long as it’s black which is an optional extra, so Eclipse is beyond the budget. Majority of the time we watch movies but do love to play some music on weekends. Currently my 2 channel is KEF R100 and Rel T3. Greg assured me I’ll get better performance from the Interludes.
  3. Anyone in here have first hand experience with the Interludes? My current 5.1 setup is all KEF bookshelf. With the Interludes I should get a massive upgrade in front sound stage for movies and of course improved 2 channel listening.
  4. Moved my equipment to the back of the room and needed longer lengths. Would suit someone looking to upgrade the front sound stage of their HT setup. 2x 3m 1x 1m
  5. Moved all my equipment to the back of the room and needed longer lengths. Would suit someone looking to upgrade their HT cabling. Small and discrete cable that sounds great. 1x 8.8m 1x 6.8m 2x 6.7m 1x 3.2m
  6. Anyone in Sydney willing to trade their Osborn sub for my REL? Preference is the T16 but would consider T12. Happy to negotiate cash either way to make the deal work. The REL T7i comes with all original packaging, paper work and cables. Bought new in August last year.
  7. Selling my other REL sub to fund an upgrade of my main speakers. Drastically improved my HT experience by turning my fronts into full range and then receiving LFE as well. Very clever design! Will miss having it in my system, however my upgrade plans should mostly negate the need for it. It’s in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition - just the usual dust. Comes with all the original packaging, manual, power cable and full length hi level audio cable. Audition is not a problem. Preference given to a local buyer. Do
  8. The finish is lovely, but sadly would NEVER pass the WAF in my house ? GLWTS
  9. $1,500 for replacement HDMI board.
  10. This has been collected and is no longer available. Marantz AV7702mkII, free! In May of last year I bought a power amp off a forum member who was going to throw this out due to a poorly functioning HDMI board. I took it off his hands and after some faffing about with different cables and a firmware update got it working. It has been in my system since then. Audio wise it is in perfect working order, as far as I can tell with my current 5.2 setup. At one stage I did have 7.2.2 and that worked just fine. The video side does have a few quirks. At times it wi
  11. Bought in August last year to make a stereo set. Looking to upgrade fronts reducing the need for dual subs. Would rather my second sub be dedicated to LFE. In perfect working condition. Cosmetic condition is excellent. Comes with all original packaging, documentation, power cable and full length high level cable. Will prioritise a local sale at this stage. Donation to SNA after sale.
  12. Thanks everyone for the interest. This is sold pending payment.
  13. Will stick to local sale at this stage. Im afraid Luna is off limits - she’s my wife’s dog and new best friend...
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