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  1. That’s correct. Works really well for our needs. Out of shot are two more R100s as surrounds. What I’d like to do next is make an investment in some better fronts and move the current fronts to rear surround duty.
  2. Our setup has always been heavily geared to movie watching, but after arriving at this point we’ve realised how enjoyable a nice two channel system can be and have been listening to more music than ever!
  3. I am the third owner. Bought recently from a local Stereo Net member who purchased from the original owner. Asking the same as what I paid. Selling as a set and local pickup only at this stage. Audition is welcomed. DAC and Pre come with original boxes. Power Amp comes with an original Exposure box for their 5 series mono block. Dimensions are exactly the same. This is how I bought it. Power amp comes with British style mains cable. This is how I bought it.
  4. I have a Marantz SR6014 for sale. Only a few months old. I’m in Sydney.
  5. Purchased recently in an attempt to reduce the number of external power amps required, but miss the sound and control of a pre/pro so have gone back in that direction. Only difference I can tell between this and a new one is some dust. Comes with all original packaging, documents and accessories. Happy to provide sales receipt to new owner for warranty purposes. Save yourself $500 of RRP Boxed up and ready to go to a new home. Pickup (or delivery around Sydney) only at this stage.
  6. Works perfectly and sounds great. Local pickup only at this stage. Audition is welcomed.
  7. Apologies to all the enquirers. Have decided to hold on to it for now.
  8. Recently purchased from Len Wallis - second hand. Fantastic dual mono integrated amp with oodles of power, but under utilised in my system and I want to invest the money elsewhere in the chain. Comes with original remote, documentation and white gloves. No box, so local pickup only at this stage. Audition is encouraged.
  9. C658 direct to a power amp removes the need for preamp no?
  10. I’ve been humming and hawing about this unit since it came out. This week I was able to put a second T/7i into my system, so I think now is the time to invest in a suitable streaming option and Dirac Live. System is split pretty even between music and movies so HT integration is a must. I could add a Node 2i and something from miniDSP, but my MF M6i doesn’t have trigger in and would have to have it’s inputs manual switched. As well, it’s volume is adjusted by our Harmony remote when movie watching. Often at the end of the night it’ll be at half. Not an issue right now because we’re only using its HT bypass, but with the Node in the mix I can foresee some blown speakers happening! Or I could sell my MF M6i and get the NAD and use an Exposure power amp or an old Elektra multi channel amp I have. The Exposure doesn’t have trigger in so am leaning towards the Elektra in this scenario. Thing is, I’m confident the preamp of the NAD isn’t as good as the M6i. Though if we only use it for streaming Spotify / Tidal, is its preamp performance irrelevant? Really not sure which way to go! Picture for attention.
  11. Ah, that’s a great idea. I don’t have original packaging either! What service did you use?
  12. I picked up an Elektra Theatre 7 earlier in the year from a forum member and noticed a huge improvement. Incredible value for money and being made in Australia is a big plus for me. I pulled it out of my system to sell so I could upgrade to the current HD version but because the trigger stopped working I first need to send to Arthur, which I’m not doing at the moment given I’m in Sydney and he’s in Melb.
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