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  1. Thanks heaps bdt I know what I’ll be up to shortly. Let you know how it goes...
  2. Thanks for your responses. The 67s was Swedish made unlike the 85 which was made by Yamaha. They are two different animals. This is what the lifter looks like but where to replace the oil? (talk amongst yourselves while I figure how to upload the photo...) Success!
  3. Distilled water is available in your supermarket. You’ll find it in the ‘ironing’ section of laundry stuff. The brand is BE Products and should be around $2/litre...
  4. What about the use of Isocol rubbing alcohol on a Qtip? Someone I know used it to remove gunk from a Stones album with some success, but I queried the long term effects...
  5. I have a Sonab 67s that I’ve had from new. It works perfectly, I think I’m only on my third or maybe fourth drive belt in all that time (about 40 years!). The issue I have is that all the oil from the hydraulic arm lifter has disappeared although I can still lower the arm. However this relies on my ‘hydraulic’ finger. So, help required as to how to replace the oil....
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