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  1. Further information: This is a 3.6M terminated pair of Van den Hul The D-352 Hybrid speaker cables. One of the cables has chord connectors on both sides, the other has chord connectors and generic connectors on the other side. Originally used these for a few months in early 2020 with my stax headphone system but I haven't had a use for them since selling of that gear. Kept for a possible second system but given the pandemic, I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Connectors have light scuffing but the wire is like new. Photos:
  2. All pro-bias stax headphones work from this unit. That includes all the "advanced" models currently sold and everything from 1986 onwards. The vintage models are in an entirely different league to the modern junk edifier stax makes. This drive unit is one of the good ones from 1982
  3. Not sure what you mean by scuffed but here's another photo. That photo was taken at night and this one is on a cloudy day, so that makes them look darker in the photos. These cables are definitely forward and bright leaning. The dueland stuff I used to run were warm. For what you get both in construction and Sonics, these cables are a great value.
  4. Further information: This is a 1.5M Accuphase RCA interconnect cable. Honestly accuphase are the best sounding cables I have heard. Crazy detail, sparling top end, deep and tight bass. These cables are from the Kensonic/Accuphase era and aren't easy to find these days. Market value for the 1.5M version floats around $180 AUD. After shipping costs during COVID, taxes and the free Aus-wide delivery I'm offering, this is priced a lot less than what I paid. Connectors show some signs of age but a NOS pair of these in the 1M version is currently available for $410. Phot
  5. Item: Accuphase P-400, Accuphase C-240, Accuphase cannon type XLR interconnect, Aftermarket Powercord to suit vintage accuphase/luxman Amps. Price Range: Can pay few hundred on top Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Struggling with room and looking to move from separates to a vintage accuphase integrated amplifier. Both units are the wood case versions and 240V but with Jap plugs.
  6. Further information: Sony IER-M7 4BA IEMs + Fiio HB3 case + FiiO 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter + FiiO 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter Originally purchased this early this year from AddictedToAudio. Invoice can be provided if required. Can't find the original case, but once i do, i will include it. Extra genuine sony tips can be purchased online (about $10 for a pair of any size). Otherwise all the tips shown are unused and untouched. Priced to sell. Paying about 1/2 the current discounted price. Photos:
  7. Further information: This is the FiiO X3 III Digital Audio Player in red. Was used lightly and originally purchased by me from AddictedToAudio in early 2019 (iirc). Spent the better part of 2020 in my mum's possession. Gives enough power to drive most low to medium sensitivity headphones. Could power all the iems i've tried it with. There's a smudge on the screen protector that I couldn't get out. Not noticeable unless in direct light. If it becomes bothersome, this can simply be removed and then it'll look minty. There's some pen marks on the top of the case, something t
  8. I've been using the Kann Cube for over a year now and the sound is honestly one of the best DAPs I've heard. Drives the Aryas effortlessly which no other DAP i tried could do with deep bass. The Wimpy FiiO and Cowan DAPs I demo'ed simply couldn't provide enough current. I use a dignis case with it when outside, which has saved me a fair number of times. The display on this thing is gorgeous. Really worth every penny.
  9. Get Arya's to avoid the mud, distortion and sloppiness of dynamics.
  10. Further information: 2 Meter UPOCC Copper Litz XLR Interconnects from the Aurealis Reference Series XLR range. The ETI Research connectors were swapped out for high quality amphenol to make it more affordable. Had these done up by Geoff earlier this year. Photos:
  11. Further information: There's some wear on AC contacts, specifically the edges appear used. What you naturally get when plugging/unplugging gear. Bought these new sometime last year after SNA did a review on them. Had not heard of the company EGM prior to this. These are currently out of stock and on back-order from EGM. Features High Grade audiophile power cable Improves sound and picture quality of audio and AV products EMI/ RFI protective screening 16AWG 3 core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper Made & Designed in Australia,
  12. Further information: These are very high quality feet, made in Germany, with a max weight of 20kg each. Build is top-notch and the box also is very high quality (not that it sonically matters) I used these on and off. Every-time I re-arranged gear or tried a new cable, I'd have to reposition the pucks which got quite annoying with the Accuphase wood case, eventually I gave up and they've been in their box past few months. MSRP is 440AUD + Shipping from germany. The Delrin body, the bronze ball and the stainless steel puck combined make an excellent and effective combination
  13. Further information: Zu Mission interconnect cables are all about maximum hi-fi value and are designed to challenge the state-of-the-art but at reasonable prices. Mission-XLR balanced line-level interconnects will improve the sound of your system by lowering noise and improving top to bottom transient and tonal resolution, with the biggest area of improvement in stereophonic imaging. Few if any other cable will be as convincing as Zu Mission-XLR for stereophonic magic. Price includes shipping Australia wide Photos:
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