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  1. What Richters? I have the Yamy RXV685 running 5.1.2 - Richter Harlequin V (mains), Jamo centre, Richter Merlins V (rear surr) and Dali Altico C1 (rear height/atmos) and an SVS SB2000 in a 4m x 5M (ish) room. Amp doesn't have an issue running them (wife usually complains its too loud🙄)
  2. I was aware cables can cost more than that, but I don't have any - I have a wallet that floats instead (boat) Each to their own 🙂
  3. My 4k/blueray collection of war movies below ranked in some semblence of order (sort of lost order after half way down) There is a couple that I don't have a hard copy of but netflix them etc. I liked Danger Close but having read a fair bit on Long Tan I'm not sure it entirely captured what I would have liked it too - maybe I was expecting too much. Black Hawk Down 13 Hours Hurt Locker Thin Red Line Fury Lone Survivor Apocolypse Now (loved it - haven't seen it in ages - 4k copy will be coming soon) Platoon Tears of the Sun Full Metal Jacket Saving Private Ryan Sand Castle American Sniper Kokoda Danger Close Green Zone Hacksaw Ridge Wind Talkers Born On the Fourth Of July Inglorious Bastards War Machine Bridge of Spies (set in cold war background) Casulaties of War Beneath Hill 60 The Wall Kilo Two Bravo Zero Dark Thirty Act of Valour Troy Water Diviner Dunkirk (good scenes but I found a bit Meh) I am Soldier
  4. agree, will have to drop the level right down - but it is a large compromise Dale what is your main intention for the use of the room, if more home theatre probably want to get that right more than both a general use and home theatre room. Either way if it is what you have you have to work with what you have to some extent.
  5. 5.1.2 lot of issues with the room shape as far as sound /placement goes I'm assuming its not an option to build the room out to encompass the 700mm section and make it more rectangle. The only real solution I see would be as above move 3 seater forward and centre it. It the current position only the centre seat is going to be okay (the two outside ones are going to be sitting way too close to the rear surrounds) I'm assuming its not an option to build the room out to encompass the 700mm section and make it more rectangle.
  6. But the real question is did my expectation of her comment influence the test - Oricale to Neo "What's really going to bake your noodle later on, is would you have broken it if I hadn't have said anything" Translation - Wife say's buy more speakers - These are not the ones!!
  7. I went from some average store speakers to some half decent ones (not top end but a notable step up) and my wife commented "I can't tell any difference"! It doesn't stack up with my thoughts but scientifically I can't fault the blind test conducted..........
  8. I've got a mate who sometimes questions my tatse in music whilst fishing. I'm now going to retort "Its all that reflection off your bald head - you can't hear it like I do" 😀 (Apologies in advance to any follically challenged members) I know for a fact my music sounds louder when the wife is out......
  9. yep will be considering that with choice of stand and feet etc will advise as soon as I know
  10. yes, picked up a Project Debut 3 S/E (special edition?) second hand in good condition/good price. Dust cover not even a scratch mark. plays well through the AV however yes very held back so boxed it back up until I sort a stereo amp out Have confirmed my step mum still has her old stereo amp (can't recall the brand off hand but a well regarded brand) in the shed gathering dust - going to grab that and check it out. Just a matter of getting up there and grabbing it which should happen before Xmas. Think she had the cassette deck that went with it so will get both - don't need the cassette deck so much but I fugure it will fill out the hifi stand I'm looking at getting so things don't look too lonely 🙂 cheers
  11. Pretty much why I got NB (NO Bull Sh8#) speaker cables - disappointed they didn't include a bottle of snake oil though...... 😞
  12. I have the SVS SB2000 in my home theatre - still gets down low (start of Edge of Tomorrow shakes things in other rooms I didn't know could shake). I don't find it is lacking in punch for movies by any means (ported does go a tad lower and would have a bit more oompf but I like the tightness of the sealed unit - even for movies), When I got it I was tossing between ported and sealed once I set up and used the sealed I was glad I went that way on current settings I still have plenty of scope to bump the sub level up if I want more oompf for a particular movie (or when Mrs HTBB is not home) (4 x 5.5 room - mostly enclosed but with large opening on middle of one side wall (double sliding doors size)
  13. Have been considering adding a turntable to my system for a while. I know I'm entering a wormhole but basically wanting something that won't cost a fortune giving the reality is it won't be used that often and my vinyl collection is not huge (likely add a few though). Been a while since I've played any vinyl - around 10 years on my dad's old His Master Voice unit (sister still has it). Will be using the home theatre set up (but on straight 2 channel or 2.1) current system Yamaha AV RX V685 (has phono in) up front - Richter Harlequin Legend Series 5 Sub - SVS SB2000 (+ surrounds and heights which don't factor into this so much) looking at the black fortnight sales and considering the following Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge Pro-Ject Essential III phono Turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge or Rega planar 1 So out of the above what do the brains trust suggest.... It might come down to the Projects due to the black fortnight sale price difference even though I suspect the rega is a step up 1. Is it a case of going the essential 3 phono (due to the inbuilt phono). 2. Do I need the inbuilt phono (above) or a seperate phono amp hooking in to the AVR (that is will it make any significant difference) 3. Anything else I've missed or other suggestions apart from selling my wife and daughter (will definately consider offers 🙂 - - - - second thoughts giveaway free probably opens up my budget somewhat 🙂) other question (for me to solve) will be where to put the thing........ FYI Listening (current collection) includes Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Jimi H, Led Zepp, Dire Straights etc though will likely add some jazz/blues cheers and thanks in advance
  14. +1 for NB Speaker Cables, great for the price (Prob not an upgrade for the OP though)
  15. Agree Off topic I realise but a couple of things as I deal with these sort of issues regularly Statutory Warranty (as opposed to Manufacturers warranty) in basic terms dictates that an item must do what it is supposed to do for what would expected to be a reasonable period. To some extent the price you pay/brand comes into it. Simply in this case noone expects when they buy a quality brand TV paying good dollars for it that they will have to replace it 2 years later. 2ndly your contract of sale is with the store you purchased it from and they are not supposed to fob you off to the manufacturer for a solution - the store may opt for the item to be repaired however only if this can be done in a reasonable time frame. If it can't be repaired they have to replace it and your warranty on the repalcement constatutes a new warranty - Statutory warranty is why I never pay for an extended warranty - why pay for what your entitled to by law. As an example I had a radiator with a 12 month 20,000km warranty put in my car and had it replaced at no cost when it split at 32,000km after 19 months @Dogbert Any issues with getting a repair or replacement under statutory warranty feel free to PM me
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