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  1. yes generally common for the AVR to set the sub too low MLP = Main Listening Position (assume MPL is an error) or in my household the Male Listening Position also known as the BDP (Beer/Bourbon Drinking Position) when reclined
  2. Just as a followup the issue has not occurred since (not even the slightest hint of it) playing any other disc or media Put the Bloodshot disc back on keeping volumes reasonable to avoid any potential damage and there it is. I'll take the disc back to JB and see if I can get a replacement. cheers for all the replies/suggestions
  3. my view is slightly different - given you have the AVR and sub $3,000 is plenty to put together a reasonable set of 5 speakers that will allow you to play music on 2.1 or 5.1 AND cover the surround side of HT. Sound bars can be good but a proper 5.1 system is better IMO. I have 5.1.2 - not including the atmos/sub my (5) speakers were under $3,000 (new). Could I spend more, sure, but I have other hobbies/priorities too and I'm more than happy with them. Given you are in Adelaide it may pay to speak with Edward at Adelaide speakers he is easy to deal with, that said he's not y
  4. Welcome Kelly P.S. the Duck is more audible....... just saying
  5. I don't have a set volume but adjust to what I watch. Last night I watched Midway - wife was out and quickly found my self dialing the sub back two clicks - action scenes very low and loud - I was mostly around -24/25 - ussually around -20/22 she's out to a birthday tonight again - haven't decided what I'm watching yet.....
  6. Have the same speakers and they are a great for the price (my intetion was to buy something else but after auditioning these as a suggestion I ended up walking out with them) GLWTS
  7. I have the SVS 2000 - great sub (couldn't knock either sub) The metal grill has the added advantage of extra security from knocks etc. (and cats)
  8. recommend NB speaker cables at that budget https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/ no need to biwire just replace the jumpers on the speakers with some decent gague copper wire if they have the brass jumpers other option would be just to run your own 'bare' decent gauge OFC speaker cable
  9. I'd have to agree - he'd have to skip so much to cram it into a 2 hour movie and being a Floyd fan - certainly noted the soundtrack 🙂
  10. Pretty much read all of the books in the series - has some promise (one or two of the other books are also movie worthy if done right - Chapterhouse Dune and Children of Dune from memory)
  11. Accoustic treatments won't only benefit the music side of things but also the general ambience of the place, when catching up with freinds there are restuarants and cafe's we (as a family) are less likely to go to and those that are prefered based on the harshness of having/hearing a conversation, the same goes for meetings with clients etc. Edit - And I don't have hearing issues (yet)
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