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  1. I'd be happy with it being Demo as warranty from date of sale would likely apply unless stated otherwise If dealer -used/second hand warranty may not apply as far as I'm aware Dealer is likely doing you/whoever a favour in that regard (pricing aside - - negotiate price would be my suggestion)
  2. Interestingly enough this problem hasn't recoccured since I haven't treid the same movie/disc but might do so this weekend can a 4k disc (or blueray) be faulty??
  3. watched it on the weekend - loved it and thought it was superbly done. Better than I expected (was a tad unsure) I was suprised how much the imaginary friend was in it - given what I read above I guess I was expecting less
  4. no washing machine/dishwasher etc running - onlything going was the fridges and no effect previously - even from all the other appliances that weren't going at the time. The first spike/crack was loud - to the point where it was of concern, kind of strange when it was doing it similar resuming from pause (albeit I had the volume lower at -26 at that point) never happened before so thought I'd ask the brains trust here
  5. Last night was watching Bloodshot when a loud and sudden short spike type noise came through the speakers. This only happened once (tunnel fight scene), played back that scene and did not reoccur also noted that sometimes when paused and when unpausing there was a short loud noise (not quite the same as the "spike") before the soundtrack played normally - was able to replicate this sometimes (with volume lower so not to cause damage) Otherwise no issue Disc was a brand new 4K disc Yamaha AVR ((RX V685) is less than 12 months old Richter Harlequin mains, Merlin rears as new, Dynaudio centre new, Dali Alteco heights as new, SVS SB 2000 as new (can't see it being a speaker issue I'm thinking its input from elsewhere/somehow). Sony 4k player is not exactly old or new but the cheaper base model. I doubt its a power surge issue as we have underground lines in the area, certainly no storms and the pause issue seems to rule this out. everything (apart from ethernet) through a Thor power board. Wasn't any louder than I've had before, around -20 (I've certainly had it louder) checked the speaker cables / plugs etc they are all good (banana plugs and tight fitting) Only thing I can think off is the HHR was switched on under the Sony 4K player and might have added some heat to the disc player (that said this hasn't been an issue before) unsure if this would make any difference. dodgy disc (does this happen?) Any thoughts or anyone had something similar??
  6. I can't say I am familiar with the Sherwood amp side of things but the speakers in my experience were pretty average home theatre stuff (my previous set - I can't say it was bad but it was average home theatre in a box IMO- in no way would I go back to it) Sherwood I understand anre the cheaper pioneer range.
  7. slightly seperate question/point you sit on the left side of the couch I assume the wife sits on the right. Have you done a sub crawl - the sub may be better in the right corner with the front speakers and tv sliding a bit more central to the left (say width of sub) which may center the screen / front/centre speakers better. The above will depend on how the sub is/can be placed. Just a thought
  8. do you have room behind/to the side of your listening position for rears or it that why you've gone for the original ceilings? rear wall or open behind?
  9. Each to his own and I agree to an extent with both the above views. That said I'd have to say I have a 5.1.2 system and the Atmos certainly adds to the overall immersion of the sound field (IMO I'd rate it better than a 7.1 but this is subjective as all setups and rooms differ) I'd have to also agree just go for the one sub properly placed (at least initially) and add that speakers don't have to be the same brand but matching to a degree (fronts and centre more so)
  10. IMO I'd keep the SVS - you won't be dissapointed. I'd also set it up with the one sub - if you position/set it up right there may not be much to gain (possible issues). I doubt you'll be dissapointed with the one SVS I have considered adding a second SVS sub but when I think about it half seriously I realise theres absolutely nothing wrong with the set up I have with 1
  11. As far as I know they didn't make a 'MSP-70' MSP refers to the driver material (magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) actual name more likely to be something like the audience 70 or similar https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/audience/audience-70 https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/overview
  12. Jamo S420 Cen 120mm high, 125mm deep, 340mm wide - packs a reasonable punch for the size likely to be selling mine when my dynaudio Emit M15C arrives this week - can PM if you wish https://www.jamo.com/products/s420cen
  13. For the sub cable I would go the Soundpath (SVS) sub cable - good quality and not overly expensive. (running one into my SB2000)
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