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  1. May I ask where did you buy that entertainment rack? 🙂
  2. Born in India and settled in Australia. Have tons of North Indian and South Indian film music. Country had produced a shitload of poor quality recordings in 80's and 90's. Cant even compare the quality with same age Western music. Tweaking the tones does produce a better listening experience on them, Schiit Loki will be delivered tomorrow... Yeahhh......
  3. Yes it was the Iris pumping. No issues after turning that OFF I would like to know the advantage of turning it ON
  4. This is really SHOCKING. The noise in brightness is so annoying. I never noticed this in any of my 3 trials at the HiFi shops. I wonder why? Is there any setting to turn this OFF? And if this creates noise in brightness why would BENQ put this in place? What are we achieveing? Jeez...
  5. Hello folks Im facing a strange issue with my new W5700 Benq 4K projector. While playing content ( I have tried Bluray player, NVIDEA shield TV and chromecast for content 4K and Full HD content) I notice the image slightly switches its brightness (normal to slightly dull and again back). This is clearly evident when reading the subtitle. The font gets a bit less bright and again back to normal brightness level. Any idea what could be wrong here? Im using the HDMI cable https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/audio-dimension-10-meter-active-fibre-optic-
  6. I need holes on the partitioning boards for interconnects. The holes on the back panel if for power cords and speaker wires
  7. This is an amazing find. Very close to my measurements. Just that I have to drill a few holes on the partition boards for Interconnects
  8. No expertise to make myself 😞 How do we find someone who can do here?
  9. Im after a very simple entertainment unit/HiFi rack to suite my need. Because its very simple I can hardly find this configuration. Number of tiers: 2 Required external custom width (mm): 1600 Required external custom depth (mm): 400 Height - Tier 1 (mm): 300 Height - Tier 2 (mm): 50 If not available as a product, is there anyone in Australia who can build this? Im based in Melbourne..
  10. Hi I have my 5.1.2 setup (2 ceiling speakers). https://www.us.marantz.com/en-US/shop/avreceivers/sr5013 I want to drive the front R and L speakers with the Cyber 880i from Consonance (http://www.opera-consonance.com/products/amplifier/Cyber880.htm) Im taking the pre-out and feeding to 880i using interconnects. But Im not hearing anything from front speakers Is there anything Im missing?
  11. Hi Was looking for a budget friendly ceiling ATMOS speakers. One of my friends suggested the focal ones https://www.stereophonic.com.au/focal-100-icw5-in-wall-in-ceiling-2-way-coaxial/ Im wondering if I need to buy the optional pre-mounting kit and fireproof box. I cant see them on stereophonic though. Cheers
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