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  1. Interested in the Nordost. Will PM you.
  2. I'm interested in this cable. Have PM'd you. Cheers, Bryce
  3. Cheers @Bruins2011 Bruins are my team too 👍
  4. Thanks @Aaban look forward to seeing some photos of your setup when it's ready. Cheers
  5. Hey @Andrew Femi Omotosho if you happen to be interested in catching up some time just let me know
  6. Yes the Isoacoustics stands are great @Snoopy8 They made a huge difference when I got them, and I think them or something similar are essential if you've got speakers on a sideboard like I do. I've also heard them make a big difference on speaker stands too though.
  7. Thanks @Aaban Here's some photos of my setup:
  8. Thanks @Chemout2 A catch up some time sounds good. Will PM you
  9. Hi all New to SNA. Been into hifi for about 15 years and my wife has some interest too and loves home theatre so I'm fairly lucky in that regard. My system consists of a Rega Planar 3, Arcam CD72t, Chord Mojo, Cayin A55t valve amp and Kef LS50s, plus mostly Nordost Blue Heaven and Red Dawn interconnects, power and speaker cables. Keen to participate in any discussions where I feel I have some relevant experience to contribute meaningfully. Cheers
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