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  1. I would concur. Just trying to normalise the minor creasing--it's not a concern at all.
  2. Owned these for awhile and they are the bomb. Only parted with them because I could only justify one pair of flagship IEMs, and I kept the Shure KSE electrostats. These aren't quite as resolving as the Shure's, and the big shells are more cumbersome, but they throw a wider soundstage, go deeper in bass, and are overall every bit as engaging.
  3. I just looked at my pair and yep, they're a bit....creasy down there.
  4. Their website says a vegan option is available upon request! The material must be made of women's suits. Or corn.
  5. I have the ER4XR and its predecessor and love it. I haven't heard the ER2XR, but over on HeadFi the consensus seems to be that the ER2 is similar if less refined. If you're kosher with ***DEEP INSERTION*** (look at those barrels y'all--these things are invasive) the passive isolation is probably the best on the planet. If you're looking for a (relatively) cheap n' cheerful commuting IEM, this would be a good option as long as you don't need/want to hear anything other than music.
  6. You don't want your wife counting your DACs as well as your headphones! And I fear this 15 kg box would be hard to hide.
  7. Darko also took on the Terminator in case anyone hasn't visited his archives: https://darko.audio/2018/09/a-short-film-about-the-denafrips-terminator-dac/
  8. Kind of you to say. Your username is my favourite one on Stereonet so far. Thanks for looking and for the good wishes, everyone. I've found a buyer and this amp will soon have a new home.
  9. Further information: I was the lucky buyer for this unit. Picked it up today from the lovely Franky995 (who kept it in as new condition with all packaging), used it for about 30 minutes, and realised it's not for me. I'm after something more coloured and fun. I seek pleasure, not truth! Also I prefer a more diminutive form factor for desktop use. If you're already in love with your heaphones/IEMs (yes, this works very well for the IEMs I tried, the Etymotic ER4XR) and source, then you'll love 'em even more with this. In my situation, I was looking to "enhance" my main headphones, a
  10. I am the lucky buyer but this thing is ruthlessly transparent and a bit chunky for my desk, so I will be putting it up for sale. Please keep your eyes peeled for that posting if you are interested. Franky995 kept it in excellent condition (thanks mate).
  11. Recently acquired these second-hand here on SNA and I can verify Bert's claims.
  12. I have one of these on my desk and quite like it. FWIW, this thing can run either on USB power or external (there's a barrel jack on the rear for 5v; PSU not included in box). I bought iFi's iPower upgrade expecting it to do wonderful things (blacker background, greater dynamics, bass control) and it made no audible difference whatsoever vs. USB power. Interesting finding, as I've previously experienced quite dramatic differences with PSU upgrades on headphone amps. YMMV of course; I was not driving hungry headphones.
  13. Good price, and a mandatory accessory for sensitive IEMs! Banishes waterfall hiss.
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