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  1. @gparker77 and @StuDog78 thank you for sharing your research and experience on this. I been looking around for a used one but haven't found anything decent yet. Schiit looks good, will look into this further.
  2. I am looking for a pre-amp/Dac under 1K to connect to my PC for audio, so USB input is a must. Also must have XLR out as I am considering Yamaha HS8. Will mostly play Flac’s. Can someone recommend me a decent amp/dac that would serve these needs? Much appreciated.
  3. UniFi video was not the best, so they transitioned to UniFi protect which is a good system. Not perfect but its getting there. Quality wise it is much better than Dahua. Haven’t really experimented Foscam so can’t say. Price difference is steep so thats something to consider.
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