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  1. Further information: As new, purchase date 06/05/2020. So plenty of warranty left (invoice supplied). Great decent entry to tubes. Comes with upgraded matched pair of new 12AU7 tubes (Genalex Gold Lions, RRP $135) they sound much better than the stock ones. Upgraded them as one of the stock 12AU7 tube hisses more than the other one (bad match), happy to include them with the sale if wanted, you could also try to claim warranty on the bad tube as its still so new if you wanted, I didn’t bother as the basic stock tubes are only worth $25-30 new anyway.. Postage would be around $30-$40 due to the weight of this beast! Thanks. Photos:
  2. Further information: Basically brand new, only listened after work for just over a week. Was very shocked by the sound Focal do (Now my favorite headphone audio brand), so much so I upgraded to the Focal Utopia. The Clear's are so close to the Utopia for most songs too, at a much lower price. Perfect deal for anyone that missed the limited addictedtoaudio sale. Comes with receipt/invoice and with the New Bee headphone stand too. Thanks. Regards. Daniel. Photos:
  3. Further information: Excellent Condition, just over a year old with little use. Great sounding headphones (same sound as the original LCD2 pre-fazor). A regretful sale from my collection but need funds to purchase other audio gear. Comes with Cardas Clear Light Headphone Cable (2M) as per photos (Worth $699 RRP). Thanks. Regards Daniel. Photos:
  4. Further information: Brand New, Purchased 11th May 2020 (Comes with receipt for warranty). Was going to be a gift for someone but we have changed our mind now. Only tested once just to double check its working before selling. I had to wait a month for delivery. Due to high demand Drop has completely sold out now with no ETA, so selling for the same price I paid for it in AUD. More info/specs/reviews etc can be found here: https://drop.com/buy/94955 Thanks. Regards Daniel. Photos:
  5. @Bengineer Or Z1R with Tubes? Cannot find any forums on that, likely way too warm/ugly combo i'm guessing? Ill still give it a test when I get my Z1Rs..
  6. @elisix_ Yes or even better after a few drinks for me! Still on the fence about the HD800s, the TH-900MK2 is on my top list now (HD800s second) but not sure what to get next. The HD800/s were suppose to be my next cans after the HD650 but I keep buying others... I fear they might be too flat now for me, I never did like the flat k702/K701 etc, but the HD800s details should win me over i'm hoping. Suppose ill need to get one soon to decide, worst part is store demos don't work for me as I need to listen for few hours before deciding if I like them or not! I'm like this with nearly all things in life (cars, job etc) That's why finding this place was great, buy second hand and if I don't like them re-sell for little or even no loss..
  7. I’m hoping so, since my last message on this topic my Clears have opened up alot more to me. Not sure if its the "burn in" or my brain getting used to them even more as this has never happened to me before with other cans. They are extremely dynamic now, I cannot just relax and listen as sound pop out of everywhere making them very engaging, they have even given me a fright a couple of times unexpectedly on new songs. The sub bass/bass I can also now feel it through my body, even thought my sub was on by mistake a few times too.. Crazy cans they are! No purchase for you yet? The Sony’s will be my late-night relaxing listing I’m thinking, also thinking to even look at some portable DAC/AMPs for them once we can travel like normal again. I have still got alert tags on a few online bargain sites etc still for the MDRZ1Rs, if one deal pops up I’ll let you know asap! Regards Daniel.
  8. Sorry @elisix_ Think I just snagged up those Sony MDR Z1R's you wanted.. My message was a minute quicker from the second PM he said! Also brought the Cayin HA1A MK2 Tube Amp mostly for my Focal Clear's this week too, hoping it arrives tomorrow to listen over the weekend! I have spent way to much this week and last week on gear too! This site is proving dangerous to me now, the last couple of big orders I haven't told my wife about yet too lol..
  9. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/elwood/headphones-earphones/massdrop-cavali-liquid-carbon-x-headphone-amplifier/1248532622
  10. Item: PrimaLuna AMP Price Range: $1000-2500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: For my Focal Chorus 726 Speakers Would prefer an older older model with ultra-liner switch and the stock EL34/PreAmp tubes would suit fine too. Thanks! :) Regards. Daniel.
  11. Next in line too. If two sales fall through.. Thanks.
  12. Wow nice AMP, how did it pair with Focal Clears? As I have them too. Not sure if I should be heading toward a decent tube amp for it or a decent solid state instead.. Also had the Sony MDR-Z7M2 but just sold them, keen for the next MDR-Z1R deal asap.. How did it pair too? Thanks heaps. Regards Daniel.
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