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  1. Hi Batty Digging up an old thread I know, but Im looking for a headphone amp to build and was wondering what you would recommend? Looks like you have built a few and might have some useful suggestions. Looking at a few like the Whammy, the Noir etc but coming from the US makes them quite pricey! Are there any that are made here in australia to make them cheaper, or is there another electronics supplier other than mouser to make the parts cheaper? Cheers Smarty
  2. I'll take it if its still available and you can post?
  3. I have about a grand to spend on speakers to start with.
  4. Thanks Muon N, dont need the best in the world thats for sure, but would like to create some nice tunes at home and be able to say that I built it so to speak.
  5. Yes I will be using my yamaha amp for now. Then I wouldnt mind building one to suit the speakers if I can do it at a reasonable cost.
  6. nice choice Decky but going to go way over budget with shipping and the exchange rate! I do like the design of the box though, nice and easy to make and looks modern.
  7. Hi all, After reading maz's post I went and picked up a Alpine SBR-S12D4 12" Type-R subwoofer for next to nothing off of The Facebook. Only problem is that its passive and I dont have an amp to drive it! I was fully intending to use the driver and build a sub box for it, however it already came in a really good sub box so I want to try it as is for now. It has dual 4 ohm coils in it, and is rated at 1000W RMS, what sort of amp would I be best to use and do I need to run a cross over or feed it direct from my amp? I have a Yamaha RN-500 amp which is driving my current MS30 bookshelf speakers. So it has a sub out RCA. Anyway after some advice weather I build an amp for it or is there a cheap amp to look out for which would do the job?
  8. Hi All, Im new to Stereo Net, but not new to music and hifi. Have always been into music and was a DJ for many years a lifetime ago. My stereo has been getting old and tired and started looking around for some new equipment and just didnt know how expensive things have gotten over the last 20 or so years! So Im looking to see what I pickup second hand or to build as I do like to make things and am quite handy with woodworking. Anyway looking to learn more about amps and speakers and looking to make some that will be great to listen too and great value. Will be hitting you all up for your wealth of knowledge! Best Regards Darren
  9. Budget: approx $1000 for speakers and crossovers, I can build the boxes so can ignore this cost to some extent. Enclosure size (stand/bookshelf/floorstand etc): I have stands already and dont mind floorstanders if they sound great. Target bass extension (in hz): not stressed about deep base, was planning on building a sub or three for this. Have been looking at your sub adventures and can pick up a 12" alpine for $100!! so this will likely happen in parrallel Target efficiency @1watt (in db): not sure Intended use (%HT vs %Music): Mainly Music, currently using a soundbar for tv but dont watch it much. Will be used with subs? (yes/no): yes Anything else you can think of?: did I mention I like making stuff?
  10. Budget is around th $1000 mark for now, or at least thats what I would like to spend. Do Lenehan still do kits? If so how much do they run for?
  11. Hard question I know. Ive had the same bookshelf speakers for the last 25 years and they are starting to look a bit fatigued and the cones are starting to come away from the foams. I know I could redo them, but heck I like making stuff! so why not upgrade!! (they are MS30 Maudant Shorts nothing too fancy but all I could afford all those years ago) So I started looking around at speakers to build (as I said I like to make things and am pretty handy in the workshop, so why not make a project out of it!) So came across a few speakers and liked the look of them, liked the Swann DIY 3.1A speaker, but they work out a bit expensive when you factor in postage! Continued looking around and came across the DWQDT's which look awesome but also a bit pricey once you buy all of the parts. So I am still looking for something that wont break the bank and will be interesting to build. Would like to end up with a decent sounding dynamic speaker. Yes again a hard question, but does anyone have any recommendations on something that will fit the bill? I think long term I will end up wanting to build a set of the DWQDT's, but for now will need something a bit more economical to build or at least something to listen too in the meantime! Look forward to hearing what people think!
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