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  1. I do have a tape deck and would love to give it a new home if still available
  2. Hi, Very interested. Could you post to PO Box 79, Yarra Glen VIC 3775 I send you the postage once you know how much. I'd drop by and PU in person, however its a 2 hr. drive from the hamlet where I live. Regards, Duncan Jones
  3. If you know of any good Tanberg RTR's for sale, let me know ..... !! Welcome Geir, we're just as opinionated as any other group of Audiophiliacs ... !! Cheers, Duncan
  4. I see you have the LRS up for sale. Yes they're not everyone's "cup of tea" because they allow you to hear exactly what was recorded, warts and all. The vast majority of speakers "colourise" the sound, thus masking the original signal. It depends on the reasons why you bought the LRS, if one of them was "transparency" you've started with the right speaker .... IMHO. You can always manually "colourise" the sound using a pre-amp to bring it to your liking, but you cannot subtract with a pre-amp what a speaker's adding to the signal in real time. A lot of the colourisation from speake
  5. Hi, Toe-in is critical for the width of the soundstage. In my setup I find a very small toe-in adjustment can shift the soundstage quite a lot. Best sit in your favourite listening position and get someone else to minutely adjust the speakers. I'm talking increments of 10 cm at a time. Amp is a Denon AVC A-11SR, only because that;s what was here when the speakers arrived. I'm looking for ultimate "transparency" of sound. Got the right speakers now need to get the right amp. Will be buying LTA's ZOTL40 power amp and their pre-amp as well. Its a tube amp that does not have the distort
  6. Maybe its me, maybe its the room but I really don't feel the need for a sub-woofer. I have had the LRS for 6 months, played every type of music and have been very satisfied. Having read many, many commentaries concerning the difficulties in pairing up a sub with these beauties, if I were to go down this route I would go back to Magnepan and buy their very affordable ribbon based sub that was designed to be as fast and responsive as these speakers require. Details here ....
  7. Hi, Having the LRS in a large room, I have tweeters out for an incredible soundstage. I find it very important to tilt the speakers forward if sitting down listening to them, the tweeters are very directional.
  8. I need some advice. I'm looking to import from the US a vintage Crown Reel-to-Reel. I understand the issues around 230VAC to 110VAC step down transformers, however I'm not sure of the importance or not of the fact that a step down will deliver 110VAC 50Hz to the Crown whereas it was built for 110VAC 60Hz. For equipment with motors and the like do you also have to supply the correct frequency as well as voltage .... ??
  9. I've often wondered as a noob to these things, how do you tell if a vinyl record is a 1st. Pressing .... ?? Might be useful knowledge for me as I've a room full of UK new wave punk LPs/12" & 7" from back in the day. Can Discogs tell you .... ??
  10. Thank God, hopefully the SCARTarse puns will now stop .... !!
  11. Hi Nedrum, I have PM'ed you
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