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  1. I will try cleaning but it’s only been played twice and same section yes im now thinking I should by a dedicated 4K player
  2. Hi As any one else encountered problems with 4K UHDwith the picture and sound momentarily freezing during playback. This mainly happens when the scene has alot going on for instance the end fight scene in Avengers End Game Any thoughts ? Sean
  3. Thanks that’s a lot to get my head around will be talking to my sparkie I’m sure he will understand more than I do sean
  4. Thanks for all replies will discuss with sparkie what difference will it make to my system thanks
  5. Hi im having some electrical work done soon and wondered if it was worth getting the sparkie to run power from fuse box straight to a double socket in my Audio Room thoughts thanks
  6. I have a pair of 2m Silver RCA from Bill, they made a good improvement on my other cables, i have order more now and including his new speaker cables so excited about getting them :-)
  7. The cloth you can buy from eBay and $90 is ridiculous paid way more for mine lol
  8. Hi, I have the M8 pre and M8 700 monos with AR90 and they are a really good match, recently had AR90 recapped ect, sound awesome , took a while to get them past the Mrs though 😃
  9. Sean Perth


    i agree i have M8 Pre and M8 700 monos amazing, my brother has the M6 500i and loves it
  10. i would like and happy to pay postage, if no one local takes
  11. I’ve now got my AR90 back last week after having new crossovers built and all new wiring and two new tweeters all I can say is WOW they knew how to make speakers back then they need running in but they are every bit as good as I was hoping for😁
  12. Yep definitely How much for postage?
  13. That’s great thanks happy to pay postage 👍
  14. Item: uk 13 pin plug Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi looking for UK 13 pin fused plugs x 2
  15. Wow im lost totally understood the first post about choosing a Pre, then the rest went over my head. I have a musical fidelity M8 pre, I love it. But I have old ears. 😁
  16. I must say im super impressed with my recent bargain of MF M8 Pre and MF M8 700 monoblocks so if there anything to go by then the M8xi should live up to its reviews. My brother has just brought the M6 xi and is impressed with that
  17. Hi i would have to disagree spent a fair bit of time testing speakers in the 5k-10k range and AR90 are far superior the bass is really tight and really good mid, clarity and soundstage were very good they are just being updated with new caps resistors and internal wiring so am expecting them to be outstanding I had recently updated a set of B&W 683 with new caps ect and the difference before and after was outstanding 😁
  18. I have just put up some acoustic panels, no bass traps yet but will look at those
  19. Thanks for replies that gives me an idea where to go the reason for keeping the speakers is that they are just being refurbished at present with new caps ect so want to see what there like after they were pretty amazing before I thought and suited the music I play but will look at an external Dac to see what’s out there any suggestions on make & models probably looking for used around the 1k to 1.5k mark as a budget just waiting for bills speaker cables so will wait till after that to see where to go cheers
  20. The things I wouldn’t change are my speakers or the MF the TT either as I don’t use it that much
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