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  1. Hi i have a burson Fun with V6 vivid opamp. not sure it that’s what your looking for Sean
  2. Further information: Selling my ALLO SHANTI Dual Regulated Linear Power Supply 5V 3A / 5V 1A which I used to run my Pi Streamer which I have now upgraded. The Allo Shanti is a regulated linear power supply with a dual 5V 3A and 5V 1A output. It is therefore particularly useful for powering two small devices simultaneously without multiplying the number of power supplies. In addition, its intelligent design allows it to offer exceptional performance Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excludin
  3. Having had bills first speaker cables then his boutique and now the pinnacle speaker cables all I can say every time I have upgraded I have not been disappointed his pinnacle cables are just that pinnacle 👍 I didn’t imagine that I would hear such a difference in SS warmth and clarity from boutique to pinnacle but it’s a very noticeable difference. My brother in the uk has just took delivery of his boutique and is amazed at the difference and will be ordering the pinnacles. Order and be amazed Sean
  4. Hi Frank in the proud owner of the MF M1 DAC, I am very impressed with the upgrades done by ozcall amazing sounding DAC. Performs well above its price point, tested against a Klein 3 and RME and prefer it above those 2 now waiting to try a tube DAC MP-D2 MK3 so will see how it stacks up i would say if you can have the M3 upgraded you won’t be disappointed by the upgrade sean
  5. Perhaps you should change your name to Mr Pedantic 🤔
  6. Thanks hopefully will get mine on Friday looking forward to putting it in my system 😃
  7. Further information: Selling my RME adi-2 ver 2 DAC as I bought it to compare against my original DAC. I’m now going to try a different DAC. This is the updated RME adi-2 DAC FS with larger remote and AK4493 chip. I purchased this from another SNA member who purchased new in March 2020. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/rme-adi-2-fs-version-2-dac-and-headphone-amp-review.13379/ https://www.themasterswitch.com/rme-adi-2-dac-review#:~:text=This DAC elevated every piece,-2 DAC%2C it's ridiculous.
  8. Hi any one owned a pair of these can they give me feedback on what they are like cheers Sean
  9. I’m running same Pi4 with Ian Canada boards and a allo shanti linear psu into a RME ADI 2 DAC love it what Platform do u use I use volumio ?
  10. When I had my node2i I started with a musical fidelity M1 DAC there was only a slight difference till my friend upgraded all the capacitors ect changed the opamps for burson vivid then the difference was very noticeable, bigger SS better clarity tighter bass. I have been trying to better the M1 , tried the Klein 3 which was not as good, now running a RME adi 2, there is an improvement but not as much as I thought. I would say the RME would have good gains Haven’t tried the qutest(yet) sean
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