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  1. Hi Ive arranged with the shop a home demo, so that will be interesting to see how they fit into my room, i really liked them when i heard them and yes agree they look great too
  2. Thanks I don’t have a huge room it’s 4mx4m so I’m not sure they would suit I currently have the 683’s which I have had upgraded caps ect which has made a huge difference
  3. Is there much difference between the 2 speakers I listened to the 702 the other day interested in your thoughts
  4. Hi Im using a DYNAVOX AMP-S Speaker Selector Switch for Speakers for my audio and HT setup I just have a question about whether using this will affect the performance of the speakers for my audio setup. I am running my B&W 683 through the box, using audioquest flex slip cable for all connections. thoughts
  5. Nord Easy-Stream Connect DAC ES9038 Does anyone have any experience of this streamer and Dac cheers
  6. Hi I’m currently using Bluetooth to stream tidal to my Cyrus one, is there a better way to connect to my Amp , pretty new to this thanks
  7. Hi thanks for replies, I had a sparky here fitting new air con the other day he tested the outlets and the power board, all ok, the shock has stopped since I moved it in to another power board he thinks that for some reason it wasn’t sitting in the power board as snugly as it should of so he suggested putting a cable tie around all plugs to secure into board so there’s no movement. I asked him about running a earthing wire from an outlet to my TT but he didn’t want to give advice about that as he’s unfamiliar with audio equipment he said in theory it would work Any thoughts ?
  8. Hi im North near joondalup you??
  9. I have a project 2xperience TT with ortofon 2m black, using the RCA and ground leads supplied I have only owned it for about 6 weeks, no real issues until just after xmas noticed on some of my new xmas albums there seems to be a fair amount of static so did the usual things, still had issues, these seem to get worse yesterday, i had a new power board for xmas, just a surge one from bunnings prob around the $50 i think, so changed my cyrus one amp, turntable and my emotiva gen 3 power amp on to this board- played some vinyls and when i touched the TT arm to raise the tonearm, got a visible shock, the next time i changed a vinyl i touched my amp, the shock disabled the right channel, had to turn it off and on to get the channel back. Any ideas- i have changed put the TT into a different power board but still getting some static when lifting the tone arm with the arm Thoughts please
  10. Yeah i thought that would be the case, i was hoping theres a work around but looks like i would need to upgrade :-)
  11. Hi Anyone know if i can attach a power amp to my Denon AVR1400H have a spare Emotiva 150A and want to use it rather than it sit being idle thoughts anyone cheers
  12. Hi Thoughts please on where i should spend my budget on A) A phono stage or B a power Amp set up currently Project 2xpereince with ortofon black cartridge 2019 Cyrus One integrated Amp B&W 683 floor standers Budget wise $700-900 Thoughts Thanks
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