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  1. Hi so I’ve had Bills speaker cables for a couple of weeks they replaced my kimber cables from putting them in there was a definite improvement in sound stage, more depth and clarity with a good improvement in bass control. I’m now waiting for his 2 other sets of speaker cables including the one announced today. I’ve also got his silver RCA and XLR and coax cable and am very impressed with them too. keep it up bill also waiting for headphone cable to give that a go its like Christmas has come early 😁
  2. So 4mm straight to own fuse ran in plastic conduit had to come in through wall as couldn’t get down the wall space but once conduit painted black you won’t see it big question did it make a difference I think it did but probably not as much as I thought it would but it wasn’t that expensive so definitely worth the money
  3. Hey guys had my dedicated power put in last Wednesday so I have 4 sockets done monos in 1 each and pre in another plus my power conditioner in the last doing the other equipment 👍
  4. No we are fine not letting people in would make my job a lot harder 😉👍
  5. https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/klipsch-p-37f-floorstanding-speakers-pair.html yep $9500 new
  6. Buy both then decide you won’t get better for the price ive just took delivery of Bills silver speaker cables still reviewing them but first impressions are WOW 😯
  7. I’ve pm you regarding purchasing a pair 👍😁
  8. Hi bill whats the difference between these and your other cables cheers
  9. Looking forward to my order bill 👍
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