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  1. Love it- looking forward to the enxt season!
  2. The new Taycan is amazing but Tesla started the game with some great innovation. Musk is a genius. If only we had the charging infrastructure in Australia. We're light years behind. Love to know where the "green" taxes go.
  3. What's the best place to get Denon carts guys? Any places to avoid (any fakes?) Thanks!
  4. Great seller, top rated - great communication and good as described! Thank you
  5. No I dont. That was the point of my original comment.
  6. For all the tax we pay we have ZERO charging infrastructure in Australia. Yet the politicians bang on about carbon taxes and green taxes. Another excuse to tax tax tax.
  7. NISMO Edition R32 GTR. One of 500. Now in a museum in England.
  8. I've just ordered a new 2020 911 and optioned the Burmester sound system. I was wondering if there's anyone on the forum with the same setup?
  9. Long time reader, first time caller. Hi everyone.
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