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  1. On 28/01/2019 at 8:47 PM, Peimad said:


    I have a Marantz SR9600 receiver I purchased quite a few years back.  It was second hand when I purchased it, but lately it's been sitting in my garage doing nothing for the past year.

    It doesn't fit in to my current TV cabinet, and I am quite happy with the Denon AV receiver I have now......also no 4k support, so I have come to the decision I should probably sell it.

    I know this unit was the "ducks nuts" in it's day and was worth quite a bit, and I also paid a small fortune for it years ago second hand.....I have no idea what it would be worth in today's market considering new formats and 4k.

    I would be grateful for some advise on a sell price today......or would it be just worth keeping as a "back up".....or rather large bedroom amp! With its 25kg weight, it'd make a great boat anchor!! Lol 🙂  


    Hi,do you still keep it and want to sell??

    Many thanks

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